Friday, July 29, 2011


Today I thought I would write about some of the things I love!  I don't know if this will be of as much interest to others as it is to me, but I am just in a mood today to think about "feel goody" things and I thought I would start with this picture to the right.  I just heard that coffee is one of the four best foods to prevent Alzheimer's.  Now, for me...that was VERY good news!  I love lattes, especially cafe' ole', and with that we had some yummy cookies, peanut butter to be exact.  Now that is comfort food!  To go along with this favorite, another thing (or things) that I love are my girlfriends!  We can never have too many of those.  Most of us do "just wanna have fun" and joining me on this coffee date were two of my friends, Marilyn and April. I am the Marilyn on the right! 

I would love to feature all of the beautiful women in my life, and I will feature them from time to time because they all have awesome talents and things to share. Marilyn and April both happen to be soloist singers and also have hearts the size of Texas!  They haven't sang together yet, but I believe that just could happen some day.  What an awesome performance that would be!  OK, another thing I love is my Studio.  The same day this picture was taken, we took a picture of me sitting in the midst of my "Creative Mess".

See those little ladies on the shelf above my head? I love making dolls...I have been paid for making them in the past, but they are just something I like to do for fun.  As I create the patterns and piece them together, they each become like a little person with their own personality!  Of course if one ever spoke to me...I would freak....well, you know.  Lol.  I love my computer...for obvious I am on it right now!  It has become all about the small things in life for me.  Each day is a blessing and I want to live it to the full!
I love my puppy dog, Tucker.  He is a furry little bundle of Love and he constantly makes me smile and laugh with the little things that he does.  He loves to play "fetch", but his problem is that he can't stand to let go of the ball.  It just goes against his grain!  I finally learned to get several of whatever he is fetching, and I don't run out of things to throw.

Look at that smile!  He has control over his toy at the moment!

Here are a couple of my fairy dolls.  Some I sell, some I keep.

Of course there are lots more things that I family, ice cream, rhubarb pie, all the fresh vegetables that we get in the summer, watermelon, kitty cats, picnics, barbeque's, I am beginning to notice a food theme here.  I guess I just LOVE food! 
So, as I am recuperating from some surgery I recently had, I haven't been creating a lot of new projects.  I hope you have enjoyed our little one-sided visit today.  I plan to bring lots more new projects in the near future.
Until then, enjoy your day!  "Live, Laugh, Love".  Celebrate family and friends.  They are the only things in life that cannot be replaced!

Happy Crafting!

This little tack with a hook will hold up to 3 lbs. in dry wall and up to 5 lbs in soft wood.  They will be coming to local stores in the near future....until then, they can be purchased on the website link you will find above.

Oh, and I LOVE CraZy TACKz!

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