Thursday, July 28, 2011

IRIS PAPER FOLDING....(Compared to the iris of the eye...not the flower)

IRIS FOLDING....Have you heard of it?  Apparently the art form has been around for a long time, but I didn't really know about it up until a few years ago.  As I was going through my archives again today, I found these pictures of the cards I created when I got good enough at it to make some of my own patterns.  I am a total right brainer...anything that has numbers on it kind of freaks me out at first, even if you don't have to add or subtract them!  I found this to be a very fun way to challenge myself to some new things.  (at least new to me!)  I do not plan on giving you complete instructions on how to do this today.  I would suggest going on the Internet and then Google Iris Paper Folding.  You will get plenty of sites that show you patterns and technique if you would like to try this for yourself.  Each design is like a little surprise at the end because you don't get to really see it until it is done and you turn it over.  I will share some more cards that I made.....they may inspire you to try this for yourself!
This is a simple crown.  I had patterns for other iconic cultural symbols, but didn't get too many done after this one.  I was going to do a guitar and the popular angel's wings with the heart in the middle.  Following are some more of my inspired cards!

I have a friend, Karla Dornacher, who is a wonderful artist and author.  I used some of her attractive memory papers to complete some of these designs.  The stickers on the card are from Karla.  She has a Blog that you might want to check out.  If you Google Karla's name, you will find all kinds of links to her and her work.  I am certain of that, and that you will enjoy her work and heart!  Yes, I said "heart".  She has a beautiful heart!

Cute little snail, huh?  Again, some of Karla's papers and sticker.

This little cross was a good design to start out with.  It only used two papers to create the design.  The less paper designs you work with, the easier it is to do.

And for my grand finale.....this card features a little frame in the middle.  I left the "IRIS" large enough to frame a little picture.  At the time I could only find this pic of my daughter and her friend.  I didn't ask her about posting it..she may not appreciate it, but "oh, well".  We have certain "mom" rights, right??  That will do it for today.  I will be bringing some BRAND NEW designs in the near future.  I have been having fun going through my older creations and sharing them on the blog.  I hope you get some inspiration.  Again, I am always happy to share more instruction and information if you send me a note.  I am happy to help you be a success as you work on your projects.

While you are checking out Iris Folding online.....take a peek at CraZy TACKz at .  They are a brand new product that is just starting to show up in stores.  There are MANY creative uses for this handy little "tack with a hook" and you can check out lots of the ideas on past posts right here on this blog.  There will be many new ideas coming!

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