Monday, July 11, 2011


Happy Day!

Are you enjoying your summer?  I am!  Yesterday I brought you a colorful grouping of Island party designs.  Today I am going to continue with another colorful party theme, Fiesta!

Again, I have created these designs with simple wood shapes that can be found at most if not all craft stores. Remember the tongue depressors we now call "craft sticks" and the little wood ice cream spoons?  These have been a crafting staple for many years now and Forster (the company that makes them..) has widened the scope of possibilities by adding wood shapes called "Woodsies".  If you observe objects, you will find that they are made of up circles, ovals, teardrop shapes, etc.  I love to put these wood pieces together as you would a puzzle, creating different forms and objects.  There are just a few tools you will need to get started.  *a Utility Scissors to cut the wood, Wood Glue or Craft Glue, Spring Action Clothes Pins (for holding the pieces together while the glue dries), Acrylic Paint, Paintbrushes, Water Bucket, Paper Plates and Paper Towels.  I am always happy to share more in depth instruction if you will write me a note and ask!  For today, I am going to share mostly pictures to spark your creativity and inspiration.

A wood slat with painted wood letters.  Add some 18 ga. wire to hang.
A picture frame...inexpensive wood frame.  Cactus and Peppers made with Craft Sticks and Woodsies.
Napkin Holder..(1" wooden blocks used to secure cactus and flowers)
Wooden Bag painted...with Woodsie peppers attached....
Glue a spring action clothes pin to the back of the flower....
Some more little decorations....
Clip-on embellishments for your Margaritas and Chips!
How is that for a colorful Fiesta?  Now I will tell you a secret about the Hibiscus flowers.  I glued four hearts...points in the middle, to a 1-1/2" wood circle.  Then glued a wood oval to each side of the flower as shown.  When the glue dried...I painted each flower, then glued the clip to the back.  Fun!
I couldn't leave this Blog today without talking a little bit about a BRAND NEW U.S. PATENTED PRODUCT called CraZy TACKz!
They are SO new, they are mostly available for online purchases right now.
I have been enjoying coming up with new uses for this handy little tack with a hook.  I am leaving you with a fun and simple idea for using the TACKz.  Check out previous Blogs for lots more fun ideas.
I applied glue and glitter to the plastic stopper of the TACKz.  Then, arranged some pretty Die Cuts (By K & Company) that I found at the craft
store and poked the TACKz into the wall, securing the die cut as shown.
 Next, I hung some jewelry on the hooks.  These will hold up to 3 pounds in dry wall, and up to 5 pounds in wood! There are many themes of die cuts to choose from when you visit the craft store.  Find some to fit the theme you like and decorate your wall! 
That is it for today.  I hope you have enjoyed the projects I have featured today.  Again, I am pulling from my archives of past designs....and if you would like any additional instruction or advise be sure to send me a note!

Happy Crafting!

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