Thursday, July 14, 2011

It's another CraZy Day!

Yes!  Today is another CraZy TACKz day!  I have another fun and easy project to share with you.  This project is a little bit girly, but imagine this with masculine or sports themed memory papers.  I chose these papers because I thought they were very cute and they reminded me of the cute perfume bottles you can find in the finer department stores with the little doll heads on them.  Have you seen them?  They look fun to collect.  To get back to my subject, I found these papers in my favorite Ben Franklin Crafts Store in Springfield, Oregon at the Gateway Mall.  I was almost overwhelmed with the choices of beautiful memory papers.  These that I chose were 12 x 12" cardstock, with print on both sides of the paper.  There was a matching sheet of stickers (image in the middle of the frame is one) that I picked up to use with the papers.  The frame that I chose is a very inexpensive unfinished wood frame.  You can pick these up for about $1.00 each!  The other supplies I had on hand were the following:  Acrylic paint, paintbrushes, clear RoyalCoat Decoupage Finish or ModgePodge, scissors, dimensional dot adhesive, CraZy TACKz (the tack with a hook), water bucket and paper towels.  Oh, and a pencil!

Here is a reference picture of the completed project.  I like visuals....

You will lay the frame face down on the wrong side of the paper.  Trace around the frame with the pencil, then cut out.  Repeat with the opposite side of the paper being your "right" side and trace around the inside of the frame and cut the piece to fit where the picture would go.  Lay these aside for now.

Apply a coat of acrylic paint to all surfaces of the wood frame.  Let dry.  Apply a coat of decoupage medium to the wrong side of the paper and to the right side of the frame.  Arrange the paper, matching edges to the frame and then smooth the paper over the surface of the frame.  Let dry completely before applying a coat to the top surface.  This will prevent air bubbles from forming.

Choose a sticker that will be featured in the center of the frame.  Adhere to a solid colored contrasting piece of cardstock and cut out, leaving a 1/8" border.  Then, apply decoupage medium to the paper that will appear in the middle of the frame.  This is to seal the paper to protect it.  Allow this to dry thoroughly.

Now....Place the paper in the frame and secure the back.  Center and adhere the doll to the middle of the paper using the dimensional dot adhesive.  Finish by applying a coat of decoupage medium to the entire project.  For a little more glitz, I added a couple of rhinestones to my doll.

For the Grand Finale, the CraZy TACKz part of the design.  This will take your cute wall hanging to a higher level of "usefulness"!  We like things to be useful and you can make one of these to use in any room of the house, with any theme you choose!

On this frame I used 4 of the CraZy TACKz.  They come with 12 in a package. I cut out some small fans from the memory paper that I had left over.  I used a 1/16" paper hole punch and poked a little hole in the center of each paper fan.  Then, I placed the paper fan over the hook and glued it to the plastic stopper of the tack.  Let the glue dry completely.  Now, the next part can be a little tricky, depending on how dense the wood is.  I suggest a frame like this one shown, because it is craft quality unfinished wood and is a little more porous than some.  Choose and mark your spots at the bottom of the frame.  Using both thumbs, carefully push the Tackz into the spot you have marked.  Repeat for each Tackz.  They will hold up to 3 lbs., so if it doesn't go into the wood up to the stopper, it is probably still ok.

Here is another close-up view.....

Here is a view of another use for CraZy TACKz that were on my Blog the other day.
Just a reminder that you can use the TACKz by themselves and poke them right into the wall! 
They are very handy little TACKz!

Well,  that will be about it for today.  Hope you have enjoyed this project!
CraZy TACKz are brand-brand new and are just starting to appear in stores.  This is a Wholesale company...but for a time will be offering online retail sales to consumers. 

Happy Crafting!

Above is a crazy link to a youtube video I was put on the spot for at the
World Premiere of CTZ!
I have thought of LOTS more uses for them since then!! :-)

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