Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Trio of Vintage Greeting Cards
Another lovely summer day and I have lots of fun to share today.  Again, I have been searching through my archives of projects....and I thought you might enjoy some cards that I created with Cardstock Memory Papers, some patterns I drew up, paper punches and a few other embellishments.  I am going to give you a good photo of each one and maybe it will spark some creative ideas for you and you will have fun creating some of your own.  Pictured are a Heart, Flower Pot and fancy Shoe card.  The shoe was cut on the fold of the paper, as was the flower pot.  If you look closely, the heart has paper hinge at the top and opens up from the point.  I didn't have to do much here because I started with some beautiful papers and I shaded each with some chalks and cotton swabs.  Archival inks would work for shading as well.

Here is a close-up of the heart card.  As you can see, I layered with borders to add dimension.
I love this card!  I totally enjoy making dimensional flowers using the different sized paper punches.  You can add an embellishment of a pearl, sequin or rhinestone to the flower.  How pretty!  If you would like more instruction, feel free to contact me in a note and I will be happy to share.
Here is the shoe!  Fun, huh?  I did have a little trick up my sleeve when I added the dimension to the top of the shoe.  Do you know how I did it?
Again, I will share if you ask!

That is all I have to show you in the way of card designs today.  However, as I was going through my pictures, I found a few that I thought were worth sharing. Little wonders of Nature that gave me a little thrill when I took the pictures.  One day, I heard some swooshy sounds outside my Studio I looked out and this is what I saw!  I took a picture through my window!
Right over the top of my neighbor's roof!  Cool!  And see the pretty summer sky?  I wait all year for these days.  I love the clear, blue, sunny sky and so did the people in that little balloon basket up there!
This mama duck wandered into our back yard with her babies.  Just out for an afternoon stroll.....They got tired of hanging out on the golf course across the street I guess.  They provided a couple of hours of entertainment.  Aren't they cute?
This last picture is of an Emu.  He walked up to my car window at
the Wild Animal Safari in Winston, Oregon.  I love this picture!
He had such a hawk-eye!  Glad to know that this emu won't end up on a menu anywhere!  This was a fun day trip we went on last summer.

I hope you are getting to do some fun stuff this summer.  We wait ALL year for the rain to stop and the sun to shine here in Oregon.  It is worth the wait to see the lush green grass, trees, and beautiful flowers.  Gotta take the bad with the good.  Thanks for checking out the Blog today.  I will be bringing some Christmas ideas in July in the very near future.  Stay tuned for more fun projects.  I will leave you today with a little CraZy TACKz idea.  This is the little "tack with a hook" that just got a US PATENT and will soon be coming to your local stores.  It can presently be purchased for Retail on their website, but they are a Wholesale company.
Cork Board with TACKz hangers....
I painted the clear plastic stopper on the TACKz.  Check out the ladybug.
They will be adding shapes and new colors to the CraZy TACKz line in the very near future.  I will keep you posted.

Happy Crafting!

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