Monday, July 4, 2011



It is a sunny day in my neighborhood and that always lifts the spirits....unless like some people I know, who live in the drought lands of Texas, don't get to see Fireworks because of it!  We have a huge show at Ft. Vancouver in Washington State that is pretty spectacular.  If you don't make it and fight the crowds, they always show the display on our local news channel and we can still enjoy it.

I was out in my yard yesterday, and even though we have had oodles of rain this Spring and early summer, I have some roses that are blooming and my FAVORITE...the Passion Flowers, are starting to bloom.  I am going to post some pictures I took so I can share these wonders of nature and so you can enjoy them a little bit too!
This is my first little passion flower....peeking out.  Did you know that the passion flower is an herb and the whole plant is edible?  It is said that the passion flower herb works like a tranquilizer.  Now, I have not tried it...and chances are I never will, but I also know that some of these plants grow some tasty fruit.  When the pod closes back up..(the bloom lasts for about 3 days..) it dries up and if you open it back up, it looks like there is a little fairy in it.  There is also a story about the passion flower that relates to the passion of the Christ.  Each part of the flower stands for a part of the story.  Now for a look at some of my roses......
And for the Grand Finale.............
Isn't this one beautiful??
I am learning to take one day at a time and enjoy the little blessings along the way.  Being thankful for a cold glass of water....from a pure water source; a nice house with a roof over my head....even a green yard with it's bounty of blooms (and weeds)......These are just a few of the things I am thankful for in this great nation we live in. I am thankful for family and friends...and pets. Let's celebrate our Freedom today and the small things that make life enjoyable.  Thanks to our Troops for helping to keep our country free. Hope you have a safe and
Happy 4th!

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