Monday, July 18, 2011

Join me on a Jungle Journey.....wild designs for today!

Hello!  I thought I would take us on a little trek through the jungle today with some more designs from days gone by.  I have created these designs with very basic supplies from the craft store.  The clay pot and wood picture frame are inexpensive base items to build your design on.  The little jungle critters are made from Forster Woodsie shapes and craft sticks.  As I have shown in some earlier posts, if you like puzzles, it is fun to put these basic shapes together to create cute little characters.  In this case, jungle animals!  The clay pot was given a base coat of acrylic paint, then I used a decoupage medium and applied tissue paper to the pot.  I wadded up the tissue paper, then smoothed it out and tore it into strips.  Then, applied the ModgePodge decoupage medium to the pot, adhered the tissue paper and applied another coat over that, until the pot was totally covered with the tissue paper design.
Pictured above is a door hanger, picture frame, and a little clay pot perfect for a party favor!  Do you notice the shiny surface?  After the acrylic paint dries, I like to apply a dimensional medium called Dimensional Magic by Plaid.  There are other products out there now that are similar, so you might ask the person in charge of that area at the craft store.
This is a wooden box that I painted then applied the tissue paper to the lid.  You can see the animals and the tree and the shapes I used to create them.  The tree is made from a craft stick and an unfinished flower cut-out that I found in the wood isle of the craft store.
I love creating around a theme.  Here is another view of the wooden box, a plant poke made from craft sticks, candle holders and another clay pot.
Years ago I designed several books using these little wood shapes.  I have always had a lot of fun creating with them and maybe you will too.  As always, I am happy to share more instruction if you would  like some!  Just send me a note and I will get back to you!
I will leave you today with a pic of the project I will bring next time.  We will go under the sea with a little Mermaid themed vignette.
Isn't she cute?  I will show you more on the next visit.  Hope these designs have given you some inspiration and you are enjoying your summer!

Happy Crafting,

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