Saturday, July 2, 2011

Just "Hangin' Out" with CraZy TACKz

Hello Friends,
Just got finished with a colorful little Jewelry Hanger using a brand new US patented product called CraZy TACKz.  These little tacks with a hook are convenient for use anywhere in the house for a multitude of uses.  I exist in the world of the Crafter, so I have taken them and used them for handy little home decoration projects that are useful as well!  The first project is a colorful little jewelry hanger that I put together using a few supplies from the craft store.  You start with a base, this case I used an 8" x 6" stretched canvas that I found on sale.  You can also use a rectangle made from a soft wood or cork board instead of the canvas.  I will be showing some more projects as time goes on.  Below is the most recent project:

I painted the outside edges and the back of the canvas with a bright pink paint.  Patterned scrapbooking papers were cut to fit and adhered to the canvas using a Modge Podge medium.  I found some cute stickers and adhered them to some contrasting card stock, then cut each one out, leaving a 1/8" border.  The stickers were arranged and adhered to the canvas using dimensional dots.  I glued some paper flowers to the front bottom edge and THEN.....pushed a CrAzY TACKz into the center of each flower to hang my jewelry on. (You might want to ask for some help on this one if you are under the age of 18.)  I purchased these cute stickers at my favorite Ben Franklin Crafts store that I was talking about in an earlier blog.  Let your imagination be your guide and find some stickers with a theme you love and want to decorate your space with!  You will notice as a "grand finale" I used a CraZy TACKz and a paper flower to hang my useful decoration by the ribbon hanger. I will give another look at this project...use it as an inspiration to create your own fun designs.
Supplies:  CraZy TACKz, 8" x 6" stretched canvas, (or other surface of choice..i.e. wood, corkboard, etc.), scissors, adhesive dimensional dots, craft paint, paintbrush, water bucket, paper towels, glue stick, Modge Podge medium or craft glue, 1/4" ribbon.  Scrapbooking supplies:  Sheet of stickers, decorative cardstock,  paper flowers (in a package)......AND most important, an make sure the tackz are handled properly and nobody gets poked!  I like to stick my extra tackz in a piece of styrofoam to keep them secure.  The package works well too!  I am including one last you can see the mechanics of the "hook on the tack" and how it works.  This is a close-up of how I used a CraZy TACKz to hang the piece.  Isn't that slick?

I hope I was able to give you a little
inspiration today and that you will create a project of your own.
Happy Crafting and enjoy the Holiday week-end!  God Bless our Troops!

All the Best!  Marilyn

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