Sunday, July 17, 2011

A little Christmas in July!

Hello!  Ok, true to my word in a previous Blog, I am bringing you a little bit of Christmas in July!  This is a very common thing in the Craft Industry because publications work 6 months out ahead of the current month.  This being July, many are thinking about Christmas and what they will be bringing you then!  Also, for professional crafters, work needs to start way before November because that is the month that all of the craft shows and boutiques start up for the Holidays!  So, I am bringing you several ideas that I have found in my archives to maybe inspire you early! Pictured is an angel made out of chenille stems (aka pipe cleaners),
pre-cut net tulle circles, some ribbon, memory paper scraps for face, crown and shoes, a crown paper punch,  loopy yellow yarn (hair), permanent marker, glitter glue, scissors, craft glue or low melt glue gun.
The "banner" the angel is holding was made on the computer, cut out and glued to a second piece of card stock to make a 1/8" border around the banner. For the angel wings, I found some chipboard die cuts of butterflies.  One of these butterflies made nice angel wings!  Wings can be cut from card stock if you don't have any of the die cuts.

Pictured next are some snowman snow globe cards that I made a year or two ago.  I love dimensional cards and I thought these would be fun to share.
Mr. & Mrs. Snowman
This is one card featuring the frosty couple.
This frosty fella is wondering what happened to his broom!
Here is another view of a Tulle Angel.  They were very easy and fun to make.  I don't always provide a lot of instruction on this blog, but I always want you to know that if you would like some more, just send me a note!  I will be happy to respond and help you  be successful!
Last, but not least, are a couple of angels that I made by punching out different sized hearts from different papers.  I rolled them around a pencil, then overlapped and glued the edges.  Again, I love using memory papers and cardstock to make dimensional projects.  It is a challenge and makes for hours of creativity and fun. Light Tan cardstock was cut into rectangles to make the legs, body and neck.  The head, hands and shoes were made from hearts, but trimmed to the appropriate shape.  I will be sharing some more themed designs using this concept as time goes on.

That about covers Christmas in July.  I must admit it is a little difficult to think about Christmas when Summer is really just getting started!  Somehow most of us are ready for it when the seasons change and the excitement for the Holiday builds!  Enough Christmas for today, though!

Remember how in past Blogs I have posted designs using a new little patented invention called CraZy TACKz?  Well, today is no different and I want to make sure you all know about this handy little "Tack with a Hook"!
Here is a project to give you at least one idea about how you can use these convenient tackz. They will hold up to 3 lbs. in sheet rock walls.
The TACKz were pushed into the bottom of the decorative wall hanging and it was then used to hang jewelry on!  Make sure you are pushing the tackz into a fairly soft surface...sheet rock, soft wood, bulletin board, etc.

Hope you had fun checking out today's projects.  I will be bringing lots more fun designs.  If you think of a cool way to use the CraZy TACKz, let us know!  We are on Facebook and Inventor/CEO, Gordie Murphy will be happy you stopped by to say "Hello".

Happy Crafting!

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  1. Love looking at your ideas, Marilyn! I can't even begin to think these things up...