Saturday, July 9, 2011

Check out these "Girly" Greeting Cards

Hello, and Happy Saturday!

I have been reviewing photos of past designs that I have created and find that I still enjoy the "girly" ones that are made from card stock memory papers and just a few other embellishments.  I thought I would share some of these projects with you today....maybe you will get inspired and want to make some of your own.  For this first project, I created a pattern for my greeting cards.  Then, I traced around the pattern onto the wrong side of the memory paper and cut out the shape.  I added a little border paper to the flap by gluing a contrasting paper to the wrong side of the flap, and cut out, leaving a 1/8" or slightly larger border.  This adds some dimension to the card.  I have attached a photo for you to review.
The wooden purse is going to be the decorative box for my cards to go into.  I would suggest purchasing some pre-made envelopes that will fit your cards, or you can actually make them yourself by using an envelope template.  The card is self explanatory if you review the photo I have given.  The next picture shows the project completed....ready to give as a fun gift or keep for yourself!
I enlarged the photo so you can get a good look at the details.  I have included another card design for a grouping that I am showing in the next photo.  These are also "girly" and lots of fun!  They open up into an area to write your message.  I used patterns that I made and paper punches to get some of the precise shapes.  Here is a peek.....
As you can see in this second view, the compact opens up to reveal some eye shadows and blush!  Fun, isn't it?
The perfume bottle and lipstick open for a writing surface as well.
As always, I am happy to share more information if there is a project here that you would like to try and could use some assistance with.  Just drop me a line and let me know how I can help!  I would love to hear from you.
I am going to sign off today with a little tip.  So often we will get a cute card
and don't know what to do with it after we display it for a while.  I would suggest using the card as a wall decoration....holding it in the wall with a CraZy TACKz and then hanging your jewelry or keepsake from the hook!
I am including a photo of how the CraZy TACKz work.  Anything you would use a push-pin for works much better with a CraZy TACKz.
The next generation of TACKz will be in various fun colors and shapes.  I will keep you posted on how to get them.  THEY ARE BRAND NEW, have a US Patent and will be going into stores nationwide. You can check them out on the website listed below. 
That is it for today, many more ideas coming your way!  Stay tuned!

Happy Crafting!

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