Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Party like a Pirate! A girly pirate, that is!

Party on with the Pirates!  How about a little girl-y pirate fun?  I have been bringing you a series of designs made with simple unfinished wood bases i.e. frames and boxes, easily found at your local craft store.  The Pirate decor is made using the craft sticks and Woodsie shapes that I have been featuring in several of my past Blogs.  These little Pirate Babes are pieced together as follows:  The "bones" are made by gluing two circles to each end of a jumbo craft stick.  Use a spring action clothespin to hold them in place until the glue dries.  The head is a jumbo circle, painted with shading on the sides of the skull to make it look more "gaunt" like a skull should look!  The pirate's bandanna is made by gluing the round ends of two small ovals to one side of a larger oval.  Glue a tiny circle to the top to make it look like a knot.
Refer to the photos given to glue the pieces together.  I used different sized craft sticks and circles to create smaller "cross bones".  Here is a larger view of the projects shown.
Since we are on the "girly" projects, I thought I would show you some more!
All of these projects are made using the same basic supplies.  I start by deciding on my designs, then gluing the wood pieces together.  Next, I paint them with acrylic paint.  *Unless it is better to paint the individual pieces before they are glued together.  I have been known to paint in the wrong place when I try to get it all done too fast. I glued rhinestones to the eyes for some extra "glitz". Here are the next grouping of projects I want to show you.
These are my "Uptown Girl" designs.  Notice a theme again!  I do love themes!  Here I have chosen a clay pot and an unfinished wood frame mirror as some simple bases.  Upon examination I am certain you can pick out the different shapes I used to create these little projects.  As always though, I am happy to share more instruction with you if you will send me a note and ask.  I want you to have success!  Here is another view:
An unfinished wooden purse was used here....little cosmetic items were glued to the top.  See the little compact sitting at the base of the mirror?  It is the place card for each person that comes to the party.  Just different sized circles painted and glued together.  A permanent marker was used to write the name on the faux mirror.  Here is one last view:

Fun, huh?  I love girly things and always looked for things to create out of when I was growing up.  It is amazing what you can find to use if there is no craft store near by.  In fact, in the 50's, we didn't even have a craft store as we know them now!  We are so lucky to have all of the wonderful creative supplies that are available for us to create with!
If you have not checked out the past posts where I featured designs using these Woodsie might want to check them out.  They will give a better overview of the products to use and the supplies to have on hand if you want to make some projects.
That is enough Girly stuff for today!  I want to talk a little bit about CraZy TACKz...a BRAND NEW product that is just beginning to appear in stores.
I have shown design ideas in the Blogs that mention CraZy TACKz and I am working on a new design that I will feature on here in the near future.  Stay tuned for more....there is a lot more to share!


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