Thursday, July 7, 2011

A little of this and a little of that.........

Today I have been reviewing some projects that I worked on a couple of years ago.  I have been working with paper a lot lately and thought I would share a few of these projects to spark an idea or inspire you to use some supplies you have been holding onto!  As you can see I used various items for the "base" of each project.  I had a small paint can, a small round paper mache' box, and a small metal canister.  All of these can easily be found at your local craft store.  These projects reminded me of summer and flowers and reasons to feel good!  I have a couple more photos that I will add here:
Small paper mache' box, adorned with memory papers and punched flowers.
A large bottle decoupaged with handmade papers and various scrapbooking elements.  This could be used to fill with goodies and give as a gift....or as I did and use it as a flower vase.....
As you can see in the photo given, I glued small paper rose blooms to the top of the cork lid to decorate it.  I love the paper flowers that can be found in the wedding section of most craft stores. 
Each of these projects make a sweet little gift for someone.  You can fill the can with bath supplies, chocolates, or maybe even a gift of a t-shirt!  The metal canister has a mini album of pictures inside.  *Just fold some papers accordion style with each pleat big enough to trace the shape of the canister on.  Then, cut out the pleated circles, cut and glue photos to fit....and adhere them to the inside bottom of the canister.  Easy...and a cute little surprise when you open the tin! 
I have taken a break today from CraZy TACKz, but I want to make sure to give you the link where you can find them!  They are so new that it will be a while before they will appear in all the stores.  For now you can purchase them retail at  They have new shapes and colors coming in the near future!  This will make them even more fun to hang things on!  A friend just wrote and told me that she couldn't believe how well they worked in sheetrock walls.  Most other push-pins and nails will work a big hole into the wall.  TACKz are perfect for this kind of wall.  Hope you got a little inspiration from the projects shown today!  Until next time, 
Happy Crafting!

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