Tuesday, July 5, 2011

CraZy TACKz in the JARDIN?

Hello and welcome to my Jardin! 

 As you have seen in my recent posts, I have been coming up with ways to use handy little CraZy TACKz  (a tack with a hook) in a few Home Dec projects.  Of course you can always just put them directly into the wall!  The tack leaves a tiny hole that can be easily made invisible with a little wall spackle or white toothpaste.  THIS PROJECT is made up of several elements easily found at your local craft store.  I found my paper elements at my favorite Ben Franklin Crafts store in Springfield, Oregon.  I had a very difficult time deciding what to buy...they have a plethora of beautiful paper supplies!  It is absolutely worth the drive if you haven't shopped their store. It is in the Gateway Mall in Springfield for all of you people that live within an hour or two away. 
I started this project by painting the CraZy TACKz with Acrylic paint.  For safety and tackz security, I recommend keeping them steady in a piece of Styrofoam brand foam.  This works beautifully for securing them while you are painting them and letting them dry.  Paint them to match your project or with your favorite colors.
The following is a list of the supplies I used for this project. 
*package of CraZy TACKz (12 tacks per package)
*12" x 5" x 1-1/4" deep rectangle of Styrofoam brand product.
*3" wide strips of beige Burlap fabric, *Corkboard (1/4" deep) cut to fit the Styrofoam board, *K & Company Garden Die-cuts by Susan Winget, *Die-cut letters to spell JARDIN, *Modge Podge medium, *Distress Ink - vintage photo by Ranger, *a wedge sponge (beauty product kind), *low melt glue gun and glue sticks, *scissors, *water bucket, *old paint brush, *paper towels......I think that is about it! Oh!  *a rectangle of muslin fabric to finish off the back of the project. A n d ........a push-in picture hanger!  Here are a couple of side views so you can see the burlap on the sides and the TACKz hooks for hanging your stuff.
INSTRUCTIONS:  First, I cut enough burlap strips to fit over the edges of the Styrofoam brand rectangle and adhered it front and back using my low melt glue gun. 
2.  Next, I placed and glued the corkboard to the front of the foam board.  Then, cut the corners to round them off a little.
3.  Next comes the fun part!  You get to play with the Die-cut pieces and design the front of your board.  I suggest not over-filling it with images..unless you are a Multi-Media Master.  If you are one, you will knock it out of the ballpark, I am sure!  I would love to see one designed by a Multi-Media artist.
4.  Adhere the images to the corkboard using the Modge Podge medium.  I recommend letting it dry completely before you put a coat on the front of the die cuts.  Once they are dry and securely on the corkboard; seal the corkboard and die-cuts with the Modge Podge using your paint brush.  Refer to the picture if that helps.
Let it dry completely. Glue the muslin fabric to the back to finish it. We don't want any of the (behind the scenes) mechanics to be showing. Then, using the sponge, sparingly apply a little ink around the edges if you like the more primitive look.
5.  Place and poke the painted TACKz into the wall hanging as shown. For a permanent fixture, adhere with a dab of glue and let dry.  Fix the hanger on the back of the project to hang it.
Here is the finished wall hanging.  I found a few little doo-dads to hang on the TACKz.  Keys, Notepad (as shown) a pen, a ring (maybe while you are doing dishes, etc....) basically anything you like to have handy.  I think this would be a good place to hang my reading glasses.  I am always losing them!
Of course, that is a "personal problem".  At least I can find my keys most of the time! Unlike some people I know...Lol.
If you are just starting to read this Blog, you may wonder about the CraZy TACKz I keep using in my projects.  Well, the Inventor/CEO is a friend of mine and I got excited about showing all of the uses the TACKz have with some craft projects.  I will show you some very SIMPLE SIMPLE ways to decorate them and just use them directly on the wall.  That will be coming soon.  So, you-all come back, there is lots more fun to come.....
CraZy TACKz will be coming to all of your big box and local stores...but they are SO NEW I am giving the website where they can be located.
It is www.crazytackz.com.  Also can be found on Facebook.  Read about my friend, Gordie Murphy, and how he came up with the idea.  He is an awesome Dude.
That is about it for today.  I will be bringing you some more projects in the next day or two.  Stay tuned.

Happy Crafting!

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