Saturday, July 16, 2011

Here comes the Bride...and lots more!

Hello! This is the time of year for lots of weddings.  As I was perusing through past designs, I came across a series of greeting cards that I made out of memory papers.  I started with a basic head and body shape.  The arms appear to be separate, but they are actually part of the card base (one piece) that is under the dress and in front of the veil.  Two flesh colored pieces of card stock are adhered together at the head, and the card folds open at the neck.  I made a pattern for the dress and veil and created the headpiece and bouquet using my flower punches and some beads cut apart from a bead pearl strand.  The dress is glued down to the "body" that is under the dress.  Isn't this fun?
Once I create a card "concept" I like to see what other cards can be made in a similar way.  I went in search of some more pictures, and these are what I came up with. This is the basic card.  I thought she should have some pretty outfits, so I created a...............see below........

Little closet for her....It has a few surprises inside when you open it up.  She fits inside this little amoire she can be sent in the mail!  Open the closet and see all her choices!

This is the amoire card before her wardrobe was added!

She chose her outfit and here she is, ready for whatever awaits her!
A message can be added to the inside of the card.  The card will open up at her feet.  Her clothes have a fold at the shoulders...and fit over her head, finishing the front and the back of the card.  Dimension can be added by shading around the edges with chalks and a cotton swab. 

**As always, if you see a design and would like a little more instruction..send me a note and I will be happy to respond!

I have lots more design ideas to share, so be sure to come back!  I post everyday and will bring lots more ideas from my archives!    Now, I want to mention a new little product that has become near and dear to me!  It is a very useful little tack with a hook called CraZy TACKz.  This brand new product has a US Patent and even though you might think you have seen one of these, you haven't!  You can read about them at and they are also on Facebook.  They will be coming to a store near you, but for now they will sell them to Retail customers on the website.  I will close today with a photo of a CraZy TACKz project to show you another example of how to use them for a useful Home Dec piece.  This project is one of my favorites.

That is all for today, it is always fun sharing Creativity! 

Happy Crafting!


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