Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Use Push-Pins? Try CraZy TACKz! (The tack with a hook)

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If you have been following this Blog, you will have noticed that most of my projects of late have been featuring CraZy TACKz as a key component in the designs.  The reason is......that they are so easy to stick into the wall, cork board, foamboard, etc.!  Anything you would use a push-pin for, CraZy TACKz work better, because they hold more weight and have a hook to hang things!  The TACKz work great when you push them directly into the wall.
You will notice that I have painted some of the CraZy TACKz and applied glitter to some others.  You can have fun decorating them, then just use them for hanging up whatever you had in mind.  I am taking it just a little bit further and putting them in a cork board & foamcore board surface and making some decorative wall hangings.  I will show some close-ups for each.  The first project is a small white frame (an abandoned item) and I fit 1/2" thick cork board to fit in it.  Then, I decoupaged some memory paper with sayings that I cut out around the edges.  I poked the decorated TACKz into the cork board and Voila!  Another decorative jewelry hanger for your room, or maybe a girly place to hang your keys, etc.  Here are some pictures:

The little Tack with a Hook!  They come 12 to a package and will hold up to 3 to 5 lbs.  and on Facebook look for CrazyTackz.  You can read about the Inventor, Gordie Murphy and how he came up with the idea.  It has a US Patent and is ready to go into the stores...across the globe and beyond!  Seriously, I have no doubt that you will be seeing it in it's bright orange package in stores in the very near future.  For now, they are letting some go for retail on the website and can probably tell you where tackz are available. Here is another design I just finished up......
Here is a close-up...

And a couple more views:

Again, I painted the TACKz.  I had fun painting some black with white dots, and some like little Lady Bugs.  If you would like to have more particulars on any design you see on here, I would be glad to share it with you.  Just send me a note!  The flowers are made using different sizes of paper Flower Punches...These pictured here, were made from a 1" flower to an almost 2" wide flower punch.  I layered them and poked the CraZy TACKz into the flower...then into the cork board.  Again, you can poke it directly into the wall!  Easy to patch and apartment friendly! 
Just one more tip to leave you with today!  I have many craft supplies around my home due to the nature of my business.  Knowing that many of you have things that you have held on to as well,  just look around at all of your supplies before you make a trip to the store.  Recycled frames, memory papers, glue and glitter from other projects were among my supplies.  I will be bringing some more ideas in the coming days.  If you notice that the posted wall hangings from past blogs are similar in size.....well, I have a confession to make.  Having several sheets of Styrofoam brand foam board that were the same size, I used those!  Make your wall hanging any size that you like.  Cover it with fabric, paper, or just let the cork show!  I do not recommend using the foam by itself, it is too porous to hold the Tackz. 
Well, that is it for today!  Join this Blog and don't miss any of the fun ideas that will be posted on here daily.  If you have a good idea for using CraZy TACKz, we would love to see it...and maybe even feature it on the Blog!
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