Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Little of This and a Little of That

Hello Friends!
I have a few things to share and talk about today.  I just purchased some very cool craft supplies from my all-time FAVORITE Ben Franklin Store in Springfield, OR.  Paul and Darlene Johnson are the owners and you have never seen a store that is better merchandised with GREAT product representation as theirs is!  I felt like I was at Disneyland.  Ok.  Anyway, I am getting ready to design some fun projects using the new CraZy TACKz ( also known as CraFty TACKz...(to myself & other crafty people). I took a picture of a spot that I think CTZ would fit in nicely and you will see later why it works so well in the craft department.
Place on empty sku.......
I should have taken more pictures of the awesome product found in this store, but maybe you will want to pay them a visit and see for yourself!
This is a plaque that Darlene (store owner) made of her and three other awesome ladies...I would call them Diva's of Retail in the Arts & Crafts Industry....and Robin, pictured on the far left (may she rest in peace)  has passed on and left a huge void in her absence.  In fact, I will make this Blog in memory of Robin, because she always had a warm smile and greeting for everyone she came in to contact with and was loved by many!  Now, back to CraZy TACKz for a moment.
I would like to share some pictures that were taken on the Kalama River, where the inventor, Gordie Murphy...resides.  You literally CANNOT believe the size of the fish that he catches from his own private fishing holes.  King Salmon and Steelhead...if you know what those are.  Anyway, we had a Premiere After Party at his lovely home and I will post some pictures....first of Gordie and his Uncle Don, who are Inventor and Marketing Exec. of CraZy TACKz.  They are pictured above. 
Here I am at the party, visiting with some family and friends.
These are Gordie's diggs, overlooking the river.  He hinted to me that anyone that purchases 100,000 packages of CTZ Blister packs will be invited to fish his private fishing holes for a day of fun and refreshment.  How does that sound?  Fishing with the Eagles, Beavers and Osprey.  A virtual nature reserve.
Can you tell I am excited about this product...knowing that it belongs in every household and I get to be the first to create some crafty projects with it?  I hope others will share their ideas....we can post them on the website or blog and we would like to hear from everyone what their favorite use is for CTZ! 
Let's see!  I have one more picture to show you today, and then I have to get crafting!  My kitty, Buffy, loves to climb on everything she is not supposed to climb on!  My desk is no different.  If you happen to notice the dusty is clean now!  My ceiling fan had not been used in awhile...& well, it should have been cleaned before it got turned on!  Here's my pic of Cat and Mouse.  Now!  I really do need to go and get some of those projects done that I was telling you about.  Come back and check them out soon!
Happy Day, Marilyn

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