Sunday, June 26, 2011

Creating my Blog

I am just beginning!  I will be sharing crafty projects and instructions.  I just figured out how to get this blog going and I will be looking much like the amateur until I have been using this for a while.  Now to upload an image.  This is my puppy dog Tucker and this is how he has been spending his day.  Bored, bored and bored.  Can't get anybody to take the bait and play with him.  He went diving for toys in his toy box this morning and came up with a couple of chewed, stitched and missing stuffing, favorites.  Ahh, a dog's life.  It's gotta be tough.


  1. I'm NOT believing it!!! My dog is "Tucker" too. He's a dirty white, 9 yr old cocker spaniel. Great to find you. Check out my blog, Life in the Craft Lane @

    Love, Jules :)