Monday, June 27, 2011

CraZy "Crafty" TACKz

Gordie Murphy, Inventor (Pictured)
I want to tell you about a brand new product.  A friend of mine was trying to keep some vines from falling down and thought "I wish this tack had a hook on it."  You would imagine that someone had thought of that and invented it, but as luck would have one had!  CraZy TACKz was born, got a US Patent and is now available to go into stores nationwide!  I recently attended the World Premiere of CraZy TACKz in a small town in the Pacific Northwest where it was well received and lots of fun.  I am attaching a picture of myself, sister Dee and friend Margaret that was taken at the event.
Want to see what the product looks like?  So simple, you will wonder: "Why didn't I think of that?"  Well, apparently if I ever did, it was very fleeting and thanks to Gordie, he made it into something real!  I have already thought of many uses around the house.  Basically anything you could have used a push-pin for...will work 100% better with a tack with a hook.  I have used it for the tie-backs on my window coverings, hanging jewelry for convenience, AND best of ALL, I have used it for some creative Home Dec projects that are easily created using scrapbooking papers and paper crafting tools.  Who doesn't have those around the house?  Stay tuned for projects and instructions.  They will be coming soon.  Now above is a picture of a package of CraZy TACKz.  I will be posting crafty projects very soon.  The kids will love making special projects for their rooms and we will have lots of ideas for around the house.  STAY TUNED......

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