Monday, April 9, 2012

More Springtime Crafts!

Hello Friends!

We are one day past Easter and on our third (yes, THIRD) day of sunshine!
This is a big deal here in the Pacific Northwest.  We have had a lot of rain, late snow, more rain....and we are ready for SUNSHINE.  I don't know how long it will last, but it is really good for now. 

I have been working on some new wall hangings, using the CraZy TACKz.  I promised to keep the ideas coming, and this one is fun and easy.  Once you see how it is made, I believe you can adapt it to any room in the house.  The two projects I am showing today feature "felt" by CPE (found in craft stores across the country) and 12" foam wall mounts by

This project is made with a 12" square foam base, black felt, and polka-dot 12" memory paper.  The felt is cut about 2" larger than the foam square on all sides.  The felt corners are mitred, pulled over the foam corners and glued to the wrong side.  The edges are all pulled up and are also glued to the "back" of the foam board. 

I cut 1/2" off of each side of the paper with a paper cutter so it measures 11" square.  This allows a 1" border of felt to show around the paper. Adhere the paper to the board, right sides facing up.

One ribbon length was cut with 2" extra, measured from corner to corner (top left and bottom right). The excess was glued to the back of each corner. Refer to the photo given to glue the ribbon to the opposite side and to the middle as shown.  For the ribbon hanger:  Glue the ends (tails) of a ribbon hanger to the top (wrong side) of the wall hanging, the loop extending above the board.
Finish:  Glue an 11" square of felt to the back of the foam square to conceal the unfinished edges. 
Flowers:  Use various sizes of flower paper punches, or use a personal die-cut machine to cut out flowers.  Make one flower by layering with the largest piece on the bottom, to the smallest flower on the top.  Punch a hole in the middle of the layered flower, using a 1/16" paper hole punch.  Poke a Tackz through the hole; glue to the flower to secure.  Refer to the photo given and attach the flowers to the board by poking into the foam.  Secure with a spot of glue.  Repeat for each flower.

The following photo is a variation of the first design.  This project was put together with a foam wall mount and felt.  There was a zebra design on the felt, so no paper was applied.  All other steps are the same.

Pictured above is a closer look at the paper flowers.  Glitter was applied to the CraZy TACKz before they were inserted in the board via the flowers.

I hope this gives you some inspiration.  If you have any questions about either project, please contact me via this post!  I will be happy to answer any questions as it is my desire that you have success and enjoy your crafting experience!

Visit our website for more crafting ideas.  The blog will feature new designs on a regular basis.  Y'all come back now!

Happy Crafting!

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