Thursday, April 12, 2012


Dear Friends,

I have been collecting success stories from satisfied CraZy TACKz customers.  I will be sharing one from time to time.  Here is our VERY FIRST!
I received this good report from Donna Zeeb,
(she is pictured on the left.) 
Donna wrote:  "If you haven't tried "CrazyTackz" you need to order a supply!  They come in SO handy in a multitude of projects!  Recently I painted a bench for my front porch.  It has a heart cut out on the back of the bench and I wanted to add a touch of Spring with a beaded floral vine.  Didn't want to glue it on as I want to change it seasonally, so CrazyTackz to the rescue….I was able to just push them in the pine wood with ease, hook the vine around the "CrazyTackz" hook and shape it to enhance the heart shape!  Perfect!  As the seasons change will be able to embellish the heart with many other ideas, no glue mess to clean up or repainting of the bench!"

She went on to say: 
"I have an idea for a wall grouping of a collection of frames, thinking "vintage" look.  Will cover a piece of foam board with some coordinating fabrics for my bedroom wall and add embellished  Crazy Tackz to hang all my favorite necklaces for a look of "Vintage", but also to keep them at my finger tips and untangled!  Will try to get it done by month end….have the perfect wall space that needs an updated look! "I will send a photo as soon as I get it completed….going shopping for frames later this week.  Thinking probably 7 different frames/ sizes….Craft Warehouse has such fabulous fabrics, think I will go there and do a variety of them! I am inspired by the website….partly responsible for the "necklace" idea….I hope this helps to inspire others to try CrazyTackz, what a GREAT new product!!!"

 Basic, Clear, CraZy TACKz used to secure this vine to the bench. 
Look for the orange package!

Do YOU have a CraZy TACKz story?  If so, we would love to hear it! 
If you are wondering where to find and purchase CraZy TACKz, they are in Bi-Mart, Ben Franklins, Craft Warehouses, Petersen/Arne, Distributor; will be in lots more stores very soon...will keep you posted!  You can purchase on the website for the time being,

I will feature more testimonies in the days to come.  If you have any questions, please drop me a line!

Happy Crafting!

Design Consultant

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