Friday, April 13, 2012

Talent Showcase

Dear Friends,

I have started posting testimonials that tout the praises of the new patented product "CraZy TACKz".  I love seeing the innovative ways that people have found to use the "Tack with a Hook"!  To mix things up a little bit, I have asked Lisa Rojas, (pictured here), a professional designer in the Arts and Crafts industry, to think of how she might incorporate the CraZy TACKz into an original design.  Memory Wall Decor is a popular trend that becomes a useful piece of wall art when combined with the Tackz!

Lisa, aka the "Stampin' Queen" of Stampin' Queen Creations, has designed a decorative calendar with a very cool feature! Lisa is a busy designer member of the Craft and Hobby Association and was kind enough to share her inspiration with us! The CraZy TACKz are attached to the cork board, next to the calendar. Birthday reminders are written on paper die-cuts or punches with a grommet attached, and each are hung from the hook of the Tackz.  If you look at the bottom of the photo given, you will see three Tackz attached to the bird cage. These are there to hang keys, glasses, etc.  She used the basic, clear Tackz in this design.  These are my favorite because they can be embellished with glitter, paper punches, acrylic paint, etc.  For those less crafty, the clear Tackz work great as a basic piece of hardware!  They work in sheet rock and soft wood and you can see the wall through the Tackz stopper. There are four variations of the colored Tackz and you can see those on the website.

If you would like to see more about Lisa, visit her blog at  She is not only a talented designer, she is a great person with a warm heart!  On behalf of CraZy TACKz and the Team, I want to say a big THANK-YOU to Lisa for sharing her beautiful design with all of us! 

I will be in Cleveland for a couple of days next week to film a segment for a pbs program called Scrapbook Soup.  I will take some candid shots of the set and share them on the blog when I get back.  I am looking forward to visiting with more designer friends in the industry, which is the upside of adapting to a  3 hour time change!  (Which is NOT in my favor, by the way.....)

Wishing you sunshine, lollipops and rainbows!

Design Consultant

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