Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring Crafting in Snowy Weather!

Has Spring Sprung? Yes, according to the calendar.  No, according to the weather outside!  I bet the groundhog has just decided to stay in his hole!

Hello friends!  Here we are almost into the month of April, it is officially Spring, and we are getting more of the white stuff!  This is the latest snow in this region for the record books!  CraZy weather!  Not to be deterred by snow, I am forging ahead with my Spring projects, with visions of leafy trees and colorful flowers dancing in my head!  Pictured below are the supplies I gathered for my Spring-y project!  Our kitty, Boo poked her head into the shot just as I took the picture!

 I gathered memory papers, silk flowers, glitter, paper punches, dimensional medium, distress ink sponge, round mirror, white picket fence, and a few other goodies to do this wall decor.  It can also be propped on an easel if you would prefer.
Oh, did I mention CraZy TACKz?  Of course we incorporate those into this design to turn it into a functional piece of wall decor as well as pretty to look at!
 As I peered out my back door this morning, this is what I found!  This was looking out to the back point of our yard.  The following picture was taken to my left, and the last one to my right.  Not exactly a day I would care to hop in the hot tub! (Not to say that most wouldn't! I might be an exception!)

Anyway, I put the project together and used the CraZy TACKz in each flower so you can hang jewelry, glasses or keys on the hooks.  Actually, you may think of another use for them. That is the idea!  There are many places you can use the CraZy TACKz...even directly in the wall!  No project assembly needed!  *Note:  I ended up adhering the memory paper and design to a foam wall mount. It is a 12 x 12" x 1" square smooth foam square board and can be purchased at  These wall mounts are very light weight and work perfectly with the CraZy TACKz.

This will wrap it up for today.  I have a lot more Spring designs that I will feature in the coming days. I hope this helps get you get inspired for the coming Season!  There is going to be lots of sunshine ahead!

Happy Crafting!

Design Consultant


  1. I look forward to more of your designs Marilyn. Keep up the great work.