Wednesday, October 5, 2011

On the road with the "CraZy's"

Did the title catch your attention?  "CraZy" in plural, namely CraZy TACKz and their CraZy inventor (in a totally good and fun way) Gordie Murphy, took a road trip to a favorite retail spot yesterday.  What "Favorite Retail Spot" you ask? Well, I would love to tell you and I am going to show you with some pics that I took at the store!  Ben Franklin Crafts and Frame Shop in Springfield, Oregon was the prize at the end of the trip.  My friends, Paul and Darlene Johnson have owned the store for 21 years.  They are presently celebrating their 21st year and they have lots of fun lined up for their patrons.
This is Darlene holding up a project created from some of their scrapbook papers at the store.  Speaking of scrapbooking papers....they have a plethora of scrapbooking supplies to rival any you would see anywhere.  If you can make the trip, make sure to allow plenty of time to peruse the isles and isles of awesome papers, stickers, embellishments, etc.  I could literally spend hours just looking through every little treasure.  Then to make a decision on what to buy!  That is the "hard" part! 
We have found that Gordie's awesome little patented invention of CraZy TACKz has been proven to work very well with MANY of the supplies you will find at the Craft Store.  We take this useful little Tack with a Hook, decorate it with stickers, glitter, etc. and incorporate it into an aesthetically pleasing Home Dec item.  You can see projects on this Blog and I will be adding some new ones in the very near future.  Lots of fun to be had!
Here is Gordie, Inventor Extraordinaire!
Here we are in the class room looking at projects and in the foreground you can see a point of sale display with the CraZy TACKz...even some of the new colors and shapes that are coming in the near future.
Another pic in the classroom.  I think the "decor" is something that all of us crafters can relate to.  We start with the entire table surface and end up working in a 6" space with all of our treasures around us!  Can you relate?  I like to call it a Creative Mess!
I almost forgot!  The store mascot Ziggy!  Hey Ziggy....look up here!
There's Ziggy!  You can't see it in this picture, but he has an awesome feather hair adornment that enhances his handsome looks.  He is as sweet as he looks!  Visit the store and you are sure to see Ziggy in his home away from home.
I know these are hard to see detail on, but I wanted to take you with me on my shopping trip through the store.  The following pictures are Christmas papers and stickers that I am choosing from for my newest project...which I will be showing on here very soon!
More beauties......
Chipboard die-cuts, stickers and matching papers!  Oh boy!
More die-cuts and embellishments.  So cute!
See this 12" unfinished frame?  It jumped into my cart!
There it is!  (Yes, this picture is blurry, it is not your eyes!  Sorry!)
Oops!  Almost missed the Dimensional Medium...then there
was even a jar on the shelf saying "Yes!"  Cheering me on! 

I made my purchases and brought them home!  I am now working on a couple of new exciting projects that I will be sharing in the very near future.
By the way, you can now find CraZy TACKz at your Ben Franklin Store in Springfield!  Stop by and pick up a pack.  We will keep bringing you new projects and ideas.

Hope you are enjoying the Fall Season!


Marilyn Gossett
Design Consultant

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