Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Christmas with CraZy TACKz

Hello and Happy Fall!  It is still October, so I don't want to rush things...But! Time has a way of speeding by, so we are starting to look ahead so we can bring some Holiday projects in time to get to work on them!  In my last blog, I took you shopping with me to Ben Franklin Crafts in Springfield, OR.  I am going to show you what I did with all of those fun supplies I picked up at the store.  I am creating a project sheet for this Advent Calendar so thought I would share.  This is a "simplified" version of one that I showed in an earlier blog made with my personal die-cut machine.  This calendar is made with Christmas themed packaged Die-cuts, Christmas countdown Stickers, Christmas Cardstock, and of course CraZy TACKz.  Some chocolate is involved.....so of course there has to be some EXTRA so you can munch on a few while you craft.
Here is the unfinished wooden frame with a 12" indent that we started with.
I painted the frame with Black acrylic paint, then finished it with a top coat of Satin Varnish.  A 1" flat brush worked great for this.
I gathered all of my supplies to make sure everything was at hand!
There are two pieces of 12" square foamcore board behind the cardstock.
The die-cut shapes were layed out with five to a row, the larger tree in the lower right hand corner.  They total 25 shapes.  I just played with them until they looked good!
The chocolate nuggets were wrapped in contrasting cardstock....actually the reverse side of the sheet of memory paper that is on the front of the calendar.  I purchased two pieces of the same memory paper for this project and used them both.  Once the paper wrapper was adhered, the stickers were placed on the top of the chocolate pieces as shown.  Then I glued a ribbon hanger to each chocolate.  I used a 1/8" metallic ribbon, making a 1/2 " loop that will extend above each candy.  Glued the tails to the back of the candy so each one is ready to hang on a CraZy TACKz.
Here is a close-up of the CraZy TACKz that were placed in the board.  I actually designed a template for easy placement of the tackz.  If you want to take the time, it is a lot of fun to apply glitter to each of your CraZy TACKz before placing them in the calendar.  I did not apply glitter to these, but you can see some that are decorated in the earlier blog I posted with the first Advent Calendar I posted.
Here is one more picture of the finished project.  This Advent Calendar can be put away and used year after year.  You might even want to exchange the chocolates for some little prizes!  I will be bringing some more seasonal ideas using this same design concept.  Stay Tuned!

Happy Crafting!

Design Consultant

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