Monday, October 17, 2011

My Little Helpers!

Today has been all about learning to take better pictures in all light conditions and, which settings work best for each project.  I am a total "right brainer" and have trouble with reading and following the directions.
This would make most people that know me chuckle to themselves, because for so many years I have been writing the directions for various projects.  Somehow this works for me a lot better than having to read and FOLLOW them myself! Anyway, I have had a few little helpers.  This furry helper
was more in my face, getting right in the middle of what I was trying to do.  He is my daughter's Halloween kitty, Terror. Yes, that is his name.  A self-fulfilling prophecy of sorts.  Her other kitty is named "Boo".  I guess she was waiting somewhere else to jump out when I passed by.
Anyway, he was right in the middle of things and kept jumping back up on the table.  Just when it seemed like I was alone and could get my groove back, who should show up.....?  The Ankle Biters!
Our little house guest Roxley....and his BFF, my dog, Tucker.
This is Tucker. 
Anyway, they both seemed to think that I might have something for them.  At the least they expect me to throw a couple of toys or get them some treats.
Have you ever tried to concentrate on a task under these kind of circumstances?  "Craftus Interruptus" I guess you would call it!  Lol!  So, such is the way it goes in my world most every day.  Pets are good company, but they also demand quite a bit of attention!
I have been working on several different variations of a "Countdown to Christmas" project that uses CraZy TACKz.  I have used die cuts, hand held paper punches and Christmas themed stickers.  The first calendar that I posted on here was featuring die-cuts from a personal die cut machine. It is this project that I have shown on a prior blog.
To save time on the first variation of the original design, I used
packaged die-cuts and stickers.  It is pictured below.
And a close-up below.......
See the close-up of the CraZy TACKz?  These handy little tackz have a clear stopper and a hook that will hold up to 2 lbs. in sheetrock.  I used them here for a reusable Advent Calendar that can be brought out year after year.  Of course you will be replacing the chocolates or little gifts each year! We are all into recycling these days, right?  (Who would have thought the word "vegan" could be used when referring to a handbag for example!?)
Makes me think I could eat it! But, that is beside the point!
Below is the other variation using the paper punches.  I used a gingerbread man and a tree.  This was very easy and I just wrote the days on each one as you can see.
Then, here is a close-up.  (I glitzed up the CraZy TACKz with some glitter).
To apply glitter to the CraZy TACKz, hold a tackz by the hook, apply dimensional medium to the stopper, then sprinkle the glitter over that.  I then push the tackz into a piece of Styrofoam brand foam and let it dry.  This is a fun project by itself.  There are so many pretty colors of glitter you can find at your local craft store. The tackz are then ready for any job you would have them to do!  Check out some previous projects on this Blog.
Here is a fun Calendar Holder.  This project will be featured as a Make-It-and-Take-It at Springfield Ben Franklin Crafts and Frame Shop in mid November.  If you are within driving distance, come and join us!  It will be a fun packed night with Holiday projects and classes!  The calendar is hung on the CraZy TACKz at the bottom as shown; and the snowman looms above the calendar.  This same concept can be used for any shape that you like!  They will make great little add-on gift for the holidays.
We will be creating project sheets with instructions for each project I am showing on the Blog.  You can check out CraZy TACKz at  We have a new website being designed that will feature videos, craft projects, etc.  So, stay tuned!  It will be fun!
If this is your first time of reading this Blog, CraZy TACKz are a brand new patented product that are just being introduced.  The inventor is Gordie Murphy of Washington state.  He was just looking for a way to hang up the vines of a plant and a plain tack just wasn't doin' it!  Don't you love innovation?  We have found many more uses for this CraZy little tackz since then!  We anticipate lots more uses that we haven't even thought of yet!
So, come back!  We'll have lots more to show you.


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