Monday, September 19, 2011

New Generation CraZy TACKz

CraZy TACKz, a Tack with a Hook!
We help you "hook it up"!

You all have probably seen the original CraZy TACKz with the clear stopper that I have been posting in various projects on the blog.  These are really fun to work with and there are many ways you can jazz them up, but we have some coming soon that are already lookin' snazzy!  The original TACKz come in a catchy orange package.  The new TACKz are also packaged in bright, cool colors that are very fun to look at and even more fun to decorate with!  Here is a look at some of the new packaging.....then I will tell you about the new shapes.
The black blister pack will contain round designer colors of black, red and white.  The blue pack will contain stars.....traditional red, white and blue!
The violet package will have green, pink and violet shapes. The cool pink blister pack will contain red, pink and white hearts! The close-up packages shown are just sample packs and aren't entirely accurate.  You can get a good idea of what they will look like when we receive the actual product.
I can't wait to start designing with these.  Of course they are ready to use on the wall or wherever, just like they are!  And, they will be ready to order soon! Wouldn't these be a pretty package to add to a house warming basket or something like that?  They are not only useful, they are pretty to look at!
I think this duo looks perfect for Fall.  Makes me think of decorating for Halloween.

Here the CraZy TACKz are holding some die-cuts on the wall and the garland is hanging from the CraZy TACKz hook.
Here is a wall collage of decorations, hooked up with CraZy TACKz!
Are you in the mood for October yet?

I will be bringing you some new designs in the near future.  CraZy TACKz are still brand new and they are not in all the stores yet.  You can order some packages on the original site at the retail price for a limited time!  Take a look at our inventor Gordie Murphy's Bio while you are there. This all got started when he made the following wish:  "I wish this tack had a hook!"  No one had invented it yet.  Can you believe it?

Check out some past posts if you are looking for some crafting ideas.  There are lots of ideas posted on past blogs.....right here on this site.  I will be bringing some new projects soon!

Happy Crafting!

Design Consultant
for CraZy TACKz

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