Friday, September 9, 2011

CraZy TACKz Kid to the Rescue!

Need some organizing ideas for different rooms in the house?  For most kids, the little odds and ends of jewelry, bracelets, belts, glasses, etc. tend to get strewn around or put in tangled piles or worse yet...fall behind the furniture.
We have a CraZy TACKz solution...well, actually more than one, but we are going to show you one more fun craft project today that can help get these doo-dads organized.
This is a 12 x 12" square of (soft) wood that I found at my Craft Warehouse store.  It can also be found at Ben Franklin's Craft Stores.  The idea was, that once you push the tackz into the board, they will not be coming out.  Unlike the bulletin board designs, the tackz here will not be moved around.
First, the board was given a base coat of paint.  I chose a Lavender Americana paint by DecoArt.  I will share my method of getting the "peace sign" on the plaque.  All of the circular components are just that!  Circles of cardstock memory papers, layered to achieve the effect you see.  The strips of paper were cut and fitted to the top circle to make the peace sign.  I used my paper cutter and cut 1" strips.  Once all of the glue dried, I added some shading by "floating" a darker shade of orange around the inside edges of the peace sign and the lavender to the lighter paper as shown.  This can also be achieved with chalk instead of paint.  I then applied a coat of Decoupage medium to the entire piece and let it dry completely.
Now for the really fun part!  I purchased a package of dimensional stickers and used these to decorate my plaque.  I punched a 1/16" hole in the middle of each sticker that I chose, then carefully pushed it into the plaque with the CraZy TACKz.  Using a thumb on each side of the tackz stopper helps to push it in evenly. 
Do you wonder how the TACKz got the glitter?  I will tell you about decorating your CraZy TACKz at the end of today's Blog.  Next, I want to show you a screen shot from the commercial that was recently shot for CraZy TACKz featuring the CraZy TACKz Kid.  She shows up when there is a problem and offers the solution of CraZy TACKz!
 Does this look like the typical dresser top of an average kid?  Well, here is CraZy TACKz to the rescue!
Ta-dah!  "CraZy TACKz" and the "CraZy TACKz Kid" have saved the day!
CraZy TACKz!  a Tack with a Hook!  We help you "Hook it up!"

I will be bringing you some more screen shots in the near future.  This being a brand new product, there is a lot of motion in place to get it introduced.  Next, I will tell you about how much I LOVE decorating CraZy TACKz and with supervision, this is a fun project for older kids.  Number #1...I start with a 1" thick circle of Styrofoam brand foam.  This is important because you will need to have the foam to stick the CraZy TACKz in when you are done painting or decorating it.  I love the sound and feel of pushing the Tackz into the foam, but I am what can I say....?
Next, I carefully open the package and push all of my TACKz into the foam.
You will need some Dimensional Medium and there are several brands out there to choose from.  Dimensional Magic is one brand made by Plaid, there is Glossy accents by Ranger, and I am certain one or two other makers.  (Ask for some help at the store if you need it...)  For the glitter, I shop in the Rubber Stamping section of the store because I prefer the very "fine" glitters.
When you are ready to apply glitter to your TACKz, you will need a couple of paper plates, (not foam because the glitter will stick to it).  Pick up a TACKz by the hook, evenly apply dimensional medium to the clear stopper.
Sprinkle the glitter over the TACKz, shake a little and place into the foam to dry.  If doing multiple colors, work with one color at a time so you don't mix up your glitters.  You can use these glittered CraZy TACKz by themselves, or with a cute sticker or die-cut.  I have lots of examples in past Blogs and will be showing new examples in Blogs to come!  Stay tuned.
Again, if you need any more instruction than what I have given here, please send me an e-mail.  I will be happy to help answer any questions and want you to be successful with creating your project!


Design Consultant
for CraZy TACKz

New Generation CraZy TACKz coming soon!

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