Thursday, August 18, 2011

Our CraZy TACKz Photo Shoot!

Here we are.....hamming it up for our CraZy TACKz photo shoot!  This is my daughter Lauren, an aesthetician by trade and a mighty fine make-up artist.  We toned it way down for these pictures, because we want to pay homage to the 2nd most popular Holiday in Retail but let our audience know that the star of the show would be the CraZy TACKz.  These photos will be used for the display headers in stores who sell CraZy TACKz.  Of course, I will not be making an appearance in the pictures as far as I know....this one was just for fun.
Lauren was getting in character here.  We were doing light checks and working with a white background because we plan on layering the pictures for the actual posters.  Our photographer was no other than Mr. Brian Lea of Lea Media.  He has been in the biz for many years and it was a pleasure working with him.  We haven't touched up any photos yet.  I am working from the proofs here!  I still think they are great!
Look here at "A Tack with a Hook"!  We can "hook you up" to accomplish all of your Halloween decorating with no mess and no fuss!
Yep, this is the little "Invention" that will remove all the frustration of taping, stapling and nailing!  Just look at some more pictures on here to see how!

We used a set of 7" die-cut shapes that I cut out with my personal die-cut machine.  The Bat and Cat were my own patterns because I didn't have a die for them!  Anyway, you can see a close-up here of how we pushed the tack into the wall and next you will see how we used the "Hook".
I got a little ahead of myself here.  The next photo shows the die-cuts before we added the garland.
You can use these for your Holiday lights.  Don't you think the die-cuts make for a more decorative background to hang your garland or lights from?  This will also work for any other Holiday you are decorating for.  Christmas is my favorite!  Imagine the possibilities!
Decorating for the classroom is another popular thing to do this time of the year.  These are some fun spiders made out of paper bags and wiggly eyes.  Imagine about 20 of these hanging from the ceiling for a class project.
Here is a close-up of the CraZy TACKz that we glued into the spider.  We put another one in the ceiling above it and hung it with clear filament...or fishing line. I call it the latter.... Eazy Peazy........
Here is a pumpkin.....also made out of a colored paper bag.  These are stuffed with tissue paper.  So easy and fun to make!
Here they are....hanging out.  See how easy it was for us to hang them from the ceiling!  No tape, stapling or nails required.  Just one teeny-tiny tackz hole! 
Well, this is it for today.  We had fun taking all of these pictures yesterday, even though Lauren was not a very willing model.  She would rather be doing the make-up behind the scenes.  I think it all turned out fine, and you just might see some of these photos on a CraZy TACKz banner in a store near you!  Don't worry, summer isn't over yet.  We won't make you think about Fall again until it actually gets here!

Happy Crafting,

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  1. GREAT blog, Marilyn! Love the skeleton hands pointing things out...ha You are so stinkin clever! Sure hope these little tackz take off for you!