Sunday, August 7, 2011


Can you believe it is almost time for school to start again?  Well, there is still a little time before the bell starts ringing, but the football players are starting to gear up for the new season!  Since it is my job to think up fun ways to use the brand new product "CraZy TACKz", I thought this might be a great piece for a bedroom or rec room wall to hang up those newspaper clippings, sports photos, as well as keys, sunglasses and whatever else one might want to hang from the hook of a CraZy TACKz.
Here is a close-up the TACKz, embellished with some stickers.  I made a trip to my local craft store and the following are the supplies that I picked up for this project:  A Cork board (bulletin board), a package of Football Themed Stickers, some Black Acrylic Paint, a package of Mini Football Helmets and Football Stickers and a sheet of Memory Paper with footballs on it.  There are so many incredible stickers to choose from that I also picked up some girly ones and I will be posting that project in another blog post coming soon.

Here is the bulletin board after I got it home.  I cut the footballs out of the memory paper and adhered them to a piece of black card stock.  I then cut each one out, leaving about a 1/16" border around the football.  I  punched a tiny hole in the center of each football and glued the CraZy TACKz to each football as shown.  I did the same with the tiny stickers, only I slipped each one over the hook portion of the TACKz and adhered it to the front of the stopper.  Then, I layed the stickers out on the bulletin board to get an idea about how I wanted it to look.  ***You could paint the border around the cork board first.....then lay out the stickers.  I painted the border Black and let it dry.  Then, re-arranged the stickers and CraZy TACKz on the board the way I wanted them.  Voila'!  Now you can hang it on the wall and keep everything that is small and easy to lose, handy! And... where you will be able to easily find it!  Case and keys and sunglasses!
Here is another look at the finished project.  Did we score a touchdown with this one?  I think so!  This project is not only fun, quick and is also very useful!  Where do I find CraZy TACKz, you might wonder...?  They are so new that they are just getting introduced to the retail market.  For now, and for a limited time, you will be able to purchase CraZy TACKz on the website for the retail price.  You might also mention them to your local retailer, if they do not already carry them.

That is all for today.  As always, if you have any questions about how to complete this project, be sure to send me a note!  I will be happy to answer any questions and help you to successfully complete your project.  Let your imagination be your guide!  Once you see all of the themed stickers and die- cuts at your local craft store, you will probably come up with your own ideas!

Happy Crafting!

Design Consultant
for CraZy TACKz

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