Thursday, August 4, 2011

Check out this Display of CraZy TACKz ..."a Tack with a Hook"

Yes, it is a CraZy TACKz day!  I have been having a lot of fun crafting with this little "Tack with a Hook".  I knew there was some crafting potential when I first got to see them, but I am falling more and more in love with them every day!  See the picture of the display on the right?  You might imagine it in a Hardware store up by the cash register.  Well, I imagine it up by the cash register; BUT I imagine it at the cash register in a Craft Store where a customer just might make an impulse buy and end up with something very useful and FUN!  Although these are made for sticking directly into the wall, or whatever surface you might need it for, (Gordie, the inventor, used it to hang a flag in a tree on his property!).  There are many uses in a crafting application, especially to those of us who have lots and lots of memory crafting supplies.
Memory Papers, Cardstock, Paper Punches, Die Cut machines, Themed Die Cuts from the package, Glitter, are supplies on hand that I have found uses for.  I expect there are many ideas out there that have not even been tapped into yet as this is such a NEW PRODUCT!  I find the real beauty is in it's simplicity!  I would love to hear from you & post your ideas on here!
Here is another picture of the display.  The TACKz at the top of the display are just a few ways you can use these TACKz to decorate your bulletin board, or create a special place for your keys, etc.  **A little tip for storing your decorated to have a piece of Styrofoam brand foam in a circle, rectangle, etc., that will lay flat on your surface.  Stick the tack part into the foam and this will keep it secure while you are painting on it or just until you are ready to use it where you need it!  I personally like the feel of pushing the tackz into the foam....then I get to admire the handiwork!

Prior blog posts contain projects and photos of ways to use CraZy TACKz.
We will be creating some project sheets and I will let you know when they are available.  In the meantime, here is one more idea for storing your embellished CraZy TACKz!  Yummy!

Here is a SWEET way to keep your embellished CraZy TACKz until you are ready to use them!  I covered a Styrofoam brand foam ball with shiny yarn by winding it around the ball until you would only see the yarn.  Then, adhered the ball to a resin cupcake baking cup.  ***Tip:  I would add a little bit of weight to the bottom of the cup to keep it more secure. 

Embellish your TACKz and insert them into the "cupcake" for safe keeping until you are ready to use them.  Not only do you have some handy TACKz, you also have a cute decoration.  By the way, "Kudos" to the people that started this trend, sweet treats are a popular icon in the Craft World these days.  You will see a lot of this type of thing around.  Here are some more photos for your inspiration.

I hope these have given you some inspiration today.  As always, if you have any questions about the projects shown and wonder just how to make them yourself, just send me a note and I will be happy to get back to you with some further instructions.
If you happen to click on the CraZy TACKz website, go to the bottom of the page and click on Inventor Bio to find out more about our CraZy TACKz inventor, Gordie Murphy.  There is an awesome video of him just kickin' it on his property.  You will enjoy this video!
If you can't find CraZy TACKz at your local retailer...(a good possibility because it is SO NEW...) for a limited time they can be purchased for Retail on the website...or, just ask your retailer to go there and purchase some!

Happy Crafting!

Design Consultant
for CraZy TACKz
(be sure to check out the video!)

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