Sunday, November 1, 2015

Etch some French themed party favors! Place cards included!

How do you make a party gift extra special without spending a lot of money?  You use etchall etching creme!  I will tell you how on this pictorial tutorial. 
Check out the etchall website for a complete product list and lots of tips!

I love all things French!  Because Christmas is just around the corner, I wanted to make some special party favors that could also be used every day.  Follow along and I will show you how I made them.

You will need:

etchall etching creme
etchmask transfer and stencil
Painter's tape
6 pak of bottles with lids
Smoothfoam: 1-1/2" w x 12" long rod, 1; 1-1/2" wide half balls, 6
Cardstock:  black, red, black and white stripe, white
Acrylic Paint:  Black and Red
Pine stem
wooden skewers
Glue gun

1.  Cut out stencil.

 2.  Apply etchmask to stencil.

 3.  Follow manufacturer's instructions and apply the stencil to the clean glass surface.

4.  Liberally apply the etchmask to the stencil.  Make sure to protect the glass around the stencil with the painter's tape.  The etchall can be used over and over.  Well loved etchall starts to take on a dark brown hue.  This doesn't hurt the product.  You can use it until it is gone.

5.  Set the timer for 15 minutes.  When the time is up; put the etchall creme back into the container and wash the excess creme off of the glass.  Remove the stencil and tape and wash thoroughly.  Dry.  This is when the "magic" happens.  The dry design will become very clear.

I etched 3 bottles with fleurdelis and 3 with the Eiffel Tower.  It is difficult to show the etch in a photograph; but they are very pretty!

To finish this project you will have to complete a few more steps.

1.  Adhere the flat side of one half ball to one side of a disk cut from the Smoothfoam rod. Repeat for the remaining 5.  Paint 3 half balls black, the remaining 3 red.  Use a wooden skewer for a handle.  Allow to dry.  Adhere the flat side of one to the center of a cardstock circle.  Repeat for each hat, matching the cardstock to the painted half ball.

2.  Embellish each "hat" with a 1/4 wide strip of striped cardstock. Spiral one end of pine stem and make a 1' circle.  Cut excess and adhere the circle to the side of one hat.  Glue a 1/2" paper flower to the pine circle.  Glue rhinestone trim to the base of the hat crown.  Repeat for the remaining hats.

3. More Embellishments:  I used black tulle and 1" sheer ribbon to complete the decorations on the jars.  I used items that would lend a French theme.  This is where you can use your imagination and make them look however you want for the occasion.  I think even a Steampunk theme would be cute with the embellishments and papers that are available.

4.  For the box:  I cut pieces of striped cardstock to fit each side and adhered the paper to the box.  A strip of red cardstock and some extra die-cuts completed the project.

5.  I made place cards to do double duty on the favors.  Each guest will have a lovely favor with her name on the place card.  The place cards were cut out on my die-cut machine.  

Here are some more photos to help capture the details of this project.

Hope you got some inspiration on the blog today.  This project will take most of a day so I would recommend getting a head start if you intend to have a party!  Oh, I almost forgot!  I didn't go to the store today.  But, I would fill them with some special goodies.  French mints would be nice!  Loose candy would be easier to pour out of the bottle.  Bath products would be great too!  Again, let your imagination be your guide!

Take time to enjoy the small blessings along the way, and

Live Life with a Flourish!


I received financial compensation for this blog post.