Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Etched Mirror for Christmas Decor

Peace on earth and good will to all men!  That phrase rings in our heads as we prepare to celebrate Christmas.  We all want peace.  World peace, peace at work and in our families.  It seems to be more and more elusive as our technology changes and we race to keep up. 
I found a beveled mirror at the craft store and a simple wooden easel to go with it.  Etching is the perfect way to personalize a mirror like this one and the message and image can be changed up for the occasion.  I like this idea for the table decorations at a winter wedding.  A monogram could be etched on each mirror for the wedding couple.  Of course there are many other themes to be designed around; but  Christmas and weddings are two of my favorites.

Etching is easy to do and etchall creme is my favorite product to etch with.  You can see all of the etchall products on the website at

You will need the following supplies:

etchallR etching creme
detail pick tool
etchmasktm vinyl
transfer paper

Beveled Mirror
Snow-Tex by DecoArt
Sugar Shimmer Glitter by Clearsnap
Die-cut Machine

1.  Calculate the size of the pattern you will need.  Apply etchmask vinyl to the cutting mat and cut out the design.
2.  Remove the mat from the machine and apply transfer paper to the top of the design.  Turn over and use the pick tool to remove the letters from the transfer paper.
3.  Position and adhere the etchmask and transfer paper to the mirror.  Remove all of the air bubbles with the squeegee.  
4.  Peel the transfer paper away from the etchmask. Use pieces of the transfer paper like you would use painter's tape to cover the mirror around the etchmask design as shown in the photo below.
5.  Follow the manufacturer's direction to apply the etchmask to the stencil.  Make sure to use plenty as you will be returning the product back to the bottle when you are done.  You can use it over and over until it disappears.  The creme will turn a dark brown eventually, but it is still good to go!  Wait 15 minutes; carefully return the creme back to the bottle and rinse off the entire piece.
6.  Remove all of the etchmask and transfer paper.  Wash the glass thoroughly and dry.

7.  To finish:  Follow the manufacturer's instruction to apply the Snow-Tex to the sides of the mirror. (I would use a light hand!)  Before the snow dries, sprinkle with the glitter. 
This is going to be a Christmas present for a friend.  I am planning to make several more with a different message and design.  I think "Noel" with a snowflake will be nice for one!

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season filled with Peace, Joy and Love!  Make sure to take time to enjoy the small blessings along the way and,

Live Life with a Flourish!


I received moderate compensation 
for posting this design.

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