Thursday, October 22, 2015

Spooky "Owl" O'Ween Container to light up your party!

This owl will light up any Fall celebration!  His eyes are made with tea lites and Smoothfoam  mini wreaths.  He is a little spooky and a lot of cute, so let me tell you how to make one!
You will need:

Smoothfoam:   Block:  one 8" x 4";Mini Christmas Wreaths:  two 2-7/16" x 12" wide, x 2-7/16" high;
1/2 Ball:  3"
Tea Lights:  2
Recycled peanut can from Costco
12" cardstock:  2 pieces orange
JOY Embroidered Letters:  Collegiate Black, 3" high; B O O
Deco-Art Americana Paint:  Soft Black; Traditional Burnt Sienna
*Optional:  Deco-Art Americana Gloss Enamel:  Black (for painting the rim on the can)
Paintbrush:  1" flat
Jute String:  3 ply
Adhesives:  Aleene's Tack-It over & over (for the eyes); Tombow XTREME permanent adhesive
Hot wire foam cutting tool
Toothpicks and wooden skewers (for handles and connectors)
Water Bucket
Paper Plates and Paper Towels

Gather your supplies.
Cut a piece out along the top of the Smoothfoam block to shape the top of the owl's head. Place the block in the can and push up against the rim of the can.  There will be a little notch on each side.

Wings:  Cut the half ball in two.  Cut 1" off of one end of one "wing".  Repeat for the other wing.

Eyes:  Make sure that your tealights fit in the Smoothfoam Wreaths as shown; then remove and set aside. 

Use a wooden skewer for a handle. Paint the block (owl body) Sienna.  Paint the wings Soft Black.  Paint the Smoothfoam wreaths (eyes) Soft Black.  Allow to dry thoroughly.

Tea Lights:  Paint the sides Sienna.  Paint around the edges of the top with Soft Black.  Leave the top area clear.  Apply adhesive to the inside edge of one Smoothfoam wreath.  Insert the tealite and secure with the adhesive.  Repeat for the other "eye".

*Important Step:  Apply the Tack-It Over and Over glue to the back of each wreath.  Do not get it on the tealight.  Allow it to dry thoroughly before touching again.  You will need to remove the "eyes" to turn them on and off.

Measure and cut the orange cardstock to fit around the can.  Adhere with the Permanent Adhesive.  Wrap and adhere the jute string around the top of the can as shown. 

Remove the paper backing from the Embroidered letters.  Place and adhere to the front of the can.  These can be ironed on; but it is not necessary when applying to paper.

Assemble:  Place the owl body in the can and push to the inside edges of the can.  Poke a toothpick halfway into the flat end of one "wing".  Push the opposite end of the toothpick into the owl body as shown.  Repeat for the other wing.  Adhere to secure.  Stick the eyes to the head! They should adhere enough to keep from falling off; but come off without pulling chunks of foam from the owl. This will allow for turning the tea lights on and off.

Beak:  Cut a triangle from a scrap of orange cardstock and adhere between the bottom edges of the 
eyes as shown.

Now dress up your owl decor with pumpkins and other Fall decorations. The owl is a companion piece for another peanut can rescue project that I made to celebrate the season.  (Yes, we eat a lot of peanuts around here!)  Lol.  I will include a picture at the bottom of this post.  Crafty Me has instructions on the Smoothfoam Blog this month.

Hope you are having a Fall filled with fun, laughter and blessings!  Make sure to take time to enjoy the small blessings along the way and

Live Life with a Flourish!


For instructions to make "Crafty me; go to this link:

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