Monday, May 25, 2015

Patterns for Graduate Jar - Words of Wisdom

Illustration for tassel

Painting instructions for head and face

**Nose:  There is a small hole in the Smoothfoam ball.  I squeezed a small amount of low melt glue into the hole to form a small nose.  If you do this step, make sure to do it before starting to paint.  Give it time to harden before painting.

Face:  Basecoat Fleshtone
Eyes:  Apply large dot of White.  Let dry.  Apply a smaller dot of Black.  Let dry.  Highlight with a tiny dot of white.  One on each eye.
Hair:  Paint Brown

Use the xtra fine point black permanent marker for the mouth and for giving definition to the hair and eyes.

By Marilyn Gossett 2015

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