Monday, June 1, 2015

"Words of Wisdom" Jar for the Graduate

Need a last minute gift/decoration for the graduation party?  Here is a fun idea that everyone can participate in.  Have slips of paper, ribbon and an ink pen next to this jar.  Ask everyone to write down some thoughts or words of wisdom for the graduate and put them in the jar.  A little money would be nice too!

You will need:

Smoothfoam ball, 3"
Paints:  Fleshtone, Black, Brown and White; Black Chalk Paint
Jar with lid (I found one that had an embossed banner on the front in the glass)
Black cardstock
packet of Floss or Craft Thread (I used DMC) in school colors
4" squares of white paper, (pencil to roll them around.)
Black Permanent Marker 
White Marker
Ink Pen
Paper Trimmer
Heat tool or knife to cut Smoothfoam
wooden skewer
glue gun


1.  Refer to the instructions given.  Cut the rounded part from the bottom of the ball leaving a flat surface.
     Using the wooden skewer as a handle; basecoat the ball with fleshtone, then paint the face and hair as            shown.  Paint the embossed sign on the front of the jar with the black chalkpaint.  Let dry thoroughly.
     Write on the chalkpaint with a white marker.  (Write the graduate's name, Jar of Wisdom)

2.  Refer to the instruction sheet given and make a tassel using the floss.  

3.  Hat:  Overlap the ends of the cardstock strip 1" and adhere.  Center and adhere to the cardstock square.
     Place on the head, adhere the tassel to the hat between the cardstock and a 1/2" cardstock circle.

4:  Adhere the head to the top of the jar lid.  Adhere the hat to the top of the head.

5.  Wrap a piece of ribbon around the sides of the jar lid; overlap and adhere the ribbon ends at the back of      the head.

If you have a graduate this year, I wish you all the best!  May he or she go forward in life with much happiness and success!

Take time to enjoy the small blessings in life and
Life Life with a Flourish!


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