Monday, May 11, 2015

Etchall Project - Home Decor piece for a wedding

Hi friends! Welcome to the blog today!  We have a fun up-cycle window project to share!

My friend Cindy has a son who is soon to be married.  I have had a large two pane window that I have been wanting to etch.  It will be NEXT.  Cindy had one she wanted to etch for her son's wedding.  We took the plunge and got it done.  I hope the pictorial of the process will inspire you to do great things with Etchall.  We feel like we rocked it and we are ready to do more.  My windows are next and I will show those off when they are finished.  We both recommend you have a friend help you with a larger project like this.  Not only do you need each other's also made the whole process a lot more fun.  It was a beautiful day and we took our project out to the deck once we got the letters cut.  My dog Tucker was there to oversee us as we worked. (Played!)

We used etchall, the best etching cream on the planet, and the etchmask.  You can purchase these products here: We had some contact paper in case we ran out of etchmask.  It works in a pinch.

If you have any questions about our adventure, please leave it in the comments below.  This didn't make us experts, but we got a handle on working on a larger surface for sure!

 Notice we went from blue cardstock letters, to green.  We ended up making the letters bigger.

I hope you were inspired to "etch" after viewing this tutorial.  We had a great time up-cycling this old window and love the way it turned out.  We know that Cindy's son and new daughter-in-law will love it too!  They are getting married on Mother's Day.  How perfect!

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  1. What an awesome job you guys did! it really is something her son will treasure. One of these days (amongst all of my other "to do" projects, I might try etching something!

  2. Marily....You are a hoot!!! If I knew it was going to be an etchall "PARTY"....I would have brought my glass and come over!!!

    Your finished project is wonderful. Cannot wait to hear what the newly weds and guests had to say!!

    Wonderful pictures and tutorial!! Now onward to your windows. Thanks again for using etchall!

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