Sunday, September 29, 2013

Create a BOO-tiful decoration for Halloween!

Boo....Eek...Shriek!  Bats, Cats, Goblins, Ghosts & Creepy Crawlies!

Do you enjoy decorating for the changing seasons?  I sure do! As a kid, I loved celebrating the seasons by creating craft projects to reflect the fun activities that we looked forward to. Some things that come to mind are costumes, candy, cool windy shorter days,  laced with apples, apple cider, pumpkins, gourds and pretty leaves! We didn't have a lot to spend in those days, but having to create my own projects heightened my love for crafting!

Would you like to know how to take these painted Smoothfoamtm blocks and balls.....

and turn them into the project shown below??

If so, just click on the link below and you will get the instructions to create this fun Halloween decoration for yourself!

While you are on the Smoothfoamtm Blog, look around!  You might find something else to tickle your fancy in this array of great ideas!

Pictured below is another Halloween idea for using the Sticky Stickstm  featured in my last Blog post.  The chocolate nugget is wrapped in green paper and the face is drawn on the front.  The adhesive strip on the end of the Sticky Sticks is great for holding items with a little weight.  You don't have to worry about the candy popping off.  Trick or Treat!  Enjoy!

Hope you enjoy the October days ahead with family and friends!

Happy Crafting!
Live Life with a Flourish!


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  1. Marilyn, those are so so cute! I too love yet another holiday to find an excuse to make decorative things. I'll check out the smoothfoam site..... and love the little witch with the candy face! You are very talented and have such neat ideas!