Friday, October 4, 2013

Sticky Sticks, Glue and a Scarecrow too!

Fall has arrived!  Here in the Pacific Northwest it arrived  in the form of the Pineapple Express.  Lots and lots of rain and warmer temperatures!  Today was finally a typical Fall day with a chill in the air and sunshine.  I think we are all ready for a change....but not Christmas quite yet!  We still have Halloween and Thanksgiving coming up and I want to enjoy it all!

I have had the pleasure of playing with a product called Sticky Stickstm.  They are jumbo craft sticks with a strong adhesive bond on one end.  I love the simplicity of these sticks and aim to maximize the main features they offer.

A little scarecrow can grace the home decor throughout October and November.  I created this cute little guy with just a few supplies.  The following supplies are what you will need:

Sticky Stickstm
Cardstock papers in Fall colors (I used Close To My heart "Sarita" papers)
Scraps of cardstock for facial features, black, brown, orange
2" Smoothfoamtm ball
Scrap of natural burlap (or muslin fabric)
Jute twine
Straw hat, 4"
Typing paper and pencil
 Lowmelt glue gun and sticks, tacky glue
*optional: brown inkpad and sponge to shade edges

Refer to the photo given below and adhere the sides of the sticks together to secure.

Remove the release paper on the adhesive, position the arms and legs over the back of the "torso" portion and adhere. Make sure you are ready to do this step before you remove the release paper  because it is a very strong adhesive. (The release paper is still attached in the photo below.)

For your pattern: Lay the sticks on the typing paper and trace around the body, arms and legs. Trace around your pattern onto the cardstock for the shirt, pants, etc. Cut these out for the front and the back of the scarecrow.  Adhere.

For the head:  Smooth the burlap fabric over the Smoothfoam ball.  

Tie around the base of the ball to secure.  Trim excess.

Spread out the "neck" portion of the burlap and adhere the head to the top of the body.  The glue gun works best for this step.  The photo below shows a "back" view of the scarecrow.

Cut out little triangles for the eyes and nose.  Wrap jute twine around the wrists, ankles and waist and tie to secure.

He needs a little straw hat to keep his head warm.  You might look around at the craft store and find a style you like better.  I have made one from felt fabric if I can't find one at the store.  Just a circle of felt, needle and thread!

Here is a closer view of his face.  It doesn't have to be real exact.  After all, he is supposed to be a little bit scary, right??

I hope the pictures help!  If you would like to share photos of your own project, I would love to see!  I have a Fan page on Facebook.  Marilyn Gossett Designs aka Top of Mind Designs.  Feel free to share!

If you would like to craft with Sticky Sticks, they can be found at most local retailers or visit  They are a new product and lots of fun for kids and adults alike!

Happy Crafting
Happy Fall!

Live Life with a Flourish!



  1. Your Scarecrow is too cute! Love how easy he is to make. Great job on the instructions and photos. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you for the nice comments! Now onto Thanksgiving and Christmas! :-)