Sunday, August 5, 2012


School days.....

Even though we are barely into the month of August, which is normally the warmest month of the summer, thoughts are starting to turn to September, and the kids getting back to school. 

I have been out of school for many years, but I still love school supplies!  Binders, pens, pencils, markers, crayons!  I love them all.  I have been digging some out for this month's Designer Crafts Connection blog because our theme is "Crafting with School Supplies".  I don't know if many of you have been watching the new show sponsored by Michael's called "Crafting Wars", but they have been doing some pretty amazing stuff in their challenges with school supplies.

I created what I would call a "beginners" project.  It is very pretty to look at, but also very simple to craft.  I finished mine up in about an hour.  I may have had some time to spare.  The following are the supplies that I gathered:

Composition book (regular size)
Jumbo paper clips, 6 white
Pencil (new)
Craft glue
Glue stick (not for glue gun)
Memory cardstock (DCWV The Chateau Lavender Stack)
Paper Blooms (Coconut by KaiserCraft) 6 blooms
Paper cutter

I cut two rectangles of my chosen papers.  One for the front of the composition book and one for the back.  Then I cut a contrasting piece of memory paper the length of the book by about 3" wide and glued it to the spine of the book.  (Refer to photo given.)

I cut an element from a piece of the memory paper that looked like a seed packet.  I allowed 1/2" around the sides and bottom for gluing.  Fold the sides and bottom to the wrong side of the paper to form a pocket.
Position and adhere the pocket to the front of the book, leaving the top open....( just reminding

Cut paper to fit around the pencil and wrap tightly.  Adhere the paper to the pencil using the glue stick.

Paperclip/Bookmarks:  For one:  Punch or use personal die-cut machine to cut two 2-1/2" circles.  Glue the top of one paperclip between the paper layers, wrong sides facing.  Glitter flower and adhere to the circle.
Repeat for each paperclip to make a set of six.

Here is the finished journal, pencil and set of paperclip/bookmarks.  Fun, easy, and a great girlfriend gift!

I have one more project to show today.  I design for a new company called CraZy TACKz that has a new, patented "tack with a hook".  I used some school supplies in a more obvious way to show you how these nifty little tackz can come in handy.

This is a simple frame that usually costs around one dollar.  It is painted with black chalk paint.
The crayons and pencils were wrapped with some jute twine and adhered to the board.  The 
CraZy TACKz will push into soft wood and hold up to 2 lbs.  1/2" thick cork board was placed in the center for hanging notes, pictures, etc.  These are great for hanging jewelry, keys, other supplies, etc.

Check out our blog hop each month to see what myself and other designers are up to.  We have a different theme to craft by each month.  Don't forget to go to the Designer Craft Connection badge on the sidebar and hop forward or back to see the designs and posts by other member designers.  

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  1. Thank you, Meggan! I am enjoying this Blog Hop. It is my first go at it!

  2. Simply a Beautiful Journal and I love the frame also! Thanks for being part of the hop; it is good to have you here!

    1. Thank you Ann! It is great to see you on here and I look forward to the next CHA so we can spend some time together. Our visit was way too short when we first met!

  3. I simply LOVE journals!! Wonderful projects!!

    1. Thank you for leaving the nice comment! I figured why re-invent the wheel? I love the fact that it took very little to make a nice gift that I would actually give someone! :-)

  4. Beautiful journal and customized paper clips. Love the earthy feminine look