Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Scrapbook Soup Video has arrived!

Hello Friends!

The long-awaited Scrapbook Soup video has arrived!  We filmed a segment in Cleveland that will air on PBS (#210 from the series) sometime in September.  This of course depends on whether you get the show on your local PBS station, but we have the CraZy TACKz segment as seen on Scrapbook Soup to show you RIGHT HERE!

It was a hustle-bustle trip to Cleveland, Ohio to the studio.  All of my supplies arrived ahead of me and it was my job when I got there to unpack everything in the green room and get it ready for the show.  I created a quad of wall art pieces that would showcase CraZy TACKz, and some of the possibilities for using them in a decorative and useful way.

When it came my turn, we took everything from the green room to the studio (the set is very fun and colorful) and quickly went over the elements and presentation steps.  Kathy Stull owns the production company that produces this and other PBS shows, and she was great at condensing the steps that best showcased our product.  Julie McGuffee is a friend and longtime host of the show, (formerly known as Making Memories) and she is skilled at fitting everything into our time constraints.  We only had minutes to film our I didn't want to make too many mistakes!

My plane ride to Cleveland was an all day trip..with layovers and a few hours (not in my favor) time difference.  I am glad that we have the memory to last a long time.  It made the long trip well worth it!

So, here is the CraZy TACKz segment from Scrapbook Soup!

Hope you enjoy the show!

Instructions for the project can be found on the website at Scrapbook Soup once the show airs.  This is the link!  Print them out and enjoy!

Hope you are enjoying what is left of our Summer!  We are already thinking about Fall and Christmas!

Happy Crafting!

for CraZy TACKz

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