Thursday, August 30, 2012

A little Vintage..............

Hello friends,

I am giving a new meaning to "recycle" with the vintage design idea that I am posting for our Designer Connection Blog Hop.  I remembered this assignment, last minute before running out the door for a short vacation!  I didn't want to miss out!

This idea is one from a book I designed  in the late nineties.  With Vintage being a hot design concept, I like the idea of using little treasures to decorate inexpensive bottles or even recycled bottles and jars.

I hope you draw a little inspiration from the designs shown here.

I would like to offer a few more inspiration photos, but time won't allow for that today.  Hope everyone is enjoying the final days of summer.  I know I am!

Happy Crafting!

for CraZy TACKz


  1. I collect bottles and these are wonderful...thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for your compliment, Ann! I felt like I was really slapping this one together so I am glad that I offered a wee bit of inspiration after all! I would love to see some of your bottles. I collect my favorite perfume bottles. Not sure what I will ultimately do with them...just can't bring myself to throw them away! :-)