Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cozy up with a Preview to Fall!

Hello Friends!

Here we are at the end of our summer and with our kids back in school and shorter days, our thoughts are starting to turn to FALL.  I haven't been in my local craft store for a couple of weeks, but I am willing to bet that shelves are beginning to fill up with the colors of Fall and spooky little critters.  Did you know that "Halloween" is the second most celebrated and decorated holiday after Christmas?  It comes and goes faster it seems, but that doesn't stop people from stocking up on decorations and candy!  Remember as kids, dressing up and parading through the classrooms in your costumes?  Creating special decorations for mom to hang up on the fridge? The childhood memories are what make it a magical time of year for me.

I want to show you a solution to hanging up your Fall decor using an inexpensive, dual purpose tack with a hook called CraZy TACKz! They are the perfect solution to apply a die-cut decoration to the wall and hang up a garland or lights.  CraZy TACKz are the perfect solution for dual purpose jobs.  Check out the photos below:

Secure the die-cut to the wall with the clear, round tackz.

The die-cuts were cut out with a Cricut machine.  You choose the size.

Hang the garland on the hooks.  Add balloons, lights, letters, or other ornaments.  
There are various colors of CraZy TACKz, but I prefer the clear stopper for projects like this one.
Hang lightweight decorations from the ceiling with CraZy TACKz and filament line.  Glue the tackz to the decoration and attach a second tackz to the ceiling.  Voila'!

Look for CraZy TACKz at your local retailer.  If they don't have them yet, ask them "why not"?
They are available on the website,  Check out the project sheets and ideas that we offer there.  It won't be long now until we bring out the decorations to celebrate the glories of Fall and the favorite party day for little kids and big kids alike!  Hope I have sparked a little creativity and excitement with these ideas.  Enjoy the final days of summer because Fall will be here soon enough!

Happy Crafting!


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