Friday, February 17, 2012

Tip for the Day

I have told people about our "creeper" cat, Terror...and I ran across this picture of him while I was looking for my pictures for the Blog today.  I have to keep it real, and this is what I look at most every day while I am working in my studio.  I have other "helpers" too.   My dog, Tucker loves to sit and whine at me because I am not giving him the attention he thinks he deserves.  Oh, the joys and pains of being a pet owner!  (Or should I say a pet "slave"?  Lol)  Here is a picture of Tucker.  Just because.
This is how he looks at me most of the day. 
My friend and neighbor, Donna and I have started walking again in the mornings.  This has been great for me because sitting at the computer and crafting most of the day doesn't get the blood flowing other than the adrenaline spikes one gets from having lots of fun and loving what they are doing!  Anyway, I am getting off of the real reason I am posting today!
Donna has a cute bench on her porch that she recently painted and gave a little face lift to.  She wanted to attach a vine around the heart cut-out on the bench and wasn't sure how to make it work since glue didn't seem like a good option.  Well, CraZy TACKz to the rescue.  She used the clear tackz and pushed them into the pine wood...around the heart.  Then, wound the vines around the heart, attaching them with the hooks.  Unless you look VERY close, you cannot see the tackz. 

Upon closer inspection, you can see the little clear tackz stopper on the bottom right of the photo.  This would be one of the hardware applications that this tack was originally intended for.  I almost forget to use them for this type of thing because I am always decorating them up for useful wall hangings and themed decorator tackz!  Another of my favorite applications is to hold my sheers back from the window by looping the tie-back over the hook of the tack. 
So, that is my CraZy TACKz Tip of the Day....Thank you Donna for sharing your idea.  For some "crafty" ideas and projects, visit our website at  The site is still under construction, but will offer lots of tips and fun ideas and projects as time goes on.  You can download free project sheets on the website.

Make it a great day!
Happy Crafting!

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