Thursday, February 2, 2012


I am home from the Craft & Hobby Show and excited to show you some of the awesome stuff I saw.  My camera did not do the best job under the fluorescent lights of the Anaheim Convention Center, but you will get the idea!  We introduced CraZy TACKz to the craft industry as a basic piece of hardware, but put the emphasis on the many cool ways that craft retailers can incorporate the "Tack with a Hook" into many projects. In the picture below is Gordie, the CraZy Inventor of the amazing tackz!

Gordie Murphy, Inventor

               Gordie Murphy, Inventor; Don Murphy (uncle), National Sales Director

                                     Gordz, Marz & Digz in the CraZy TACKz booth

                                             Project models in our booth 
The following are some of the sites around the trade show.  Creativity from all over the world comes together in this place. I wish I could do more justice to the sites by the pictures I took, but again, they are what they are!

Tim Holtz, the face of Ranger Industries

Body Painting


DCWV Papers  (I love them!)


Cool displays.......



Check out the shoe in front of the dress.....ALL BEADS!

Again, ALL BEADS!  Amazing!

The virtual "tip of the iceberg"!  That is about all that I have to share with you today.  There are soooo many awesome people in this industry!  We never have enough time to make all the rounds, never get to see all of the creativity we want to see and experience, but a great time was had by all!
We had a great time introducing CraZy TACKz; they will be making appearances in Moscow, Tokyo, Australia, and more!  I will keep you up on the stores where you can locate our tackz. 
Also!  Exciting newz!  We now have a new website. It is brand spankin' new, so there is still a lot of tweaking going on.  If you would like to take a look, the link will be listed on the bottom of this Blog. It has a lot of improvements going on, so check back later if it is looking a little out of whack. We have some down- loadable free project sheets and will be adding to our offerings in the near future. Stay tuned!

Happy Crafting,

(aka Marz)
Design Consultant
for CraZy TACKz


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