Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Ever notice how some Holidays are much anticipated, and then, before you know it...they are here and gone!  Valentine's Day has always been that way for me.  I have actually made things for people, and then the day came and went and I never got to give it to them!  Or, I would have a great idea for a party, make favors and not get it on the schedule!  Well, this year is really no different, but I still LOVE creating fun things, so decided to share some of them with you.  Maybe some designs will spark your creativity and you will get in the mood for the next opportunity to entertain or make your own gifts.  The following are some cards and gifty items I have created over the last couple of years.  Happy V'Day to you!  Enjoy!

Pictured above is a purse type card that has chocolates and a kind thing to do for yourself listed on each one.

The above pictures are another version of the same type design.  I made the pattern for the purse, then cut it out of card stock.  I used flower paper punches of various sizes to create the dimensional flower.

This is more like a folder.  You can put chocolates or another card inside.
This card has paper heart shaped cookies on the front.  They look good enough to eat, don't you think?

Above is another version of the same card.  Valentine cookie motif...

Here is one more card with chocolates inside.  This one looks more like a flower pot. I used the paper punches again for the flowers.  Notice the dots have a dimensional medium applied to make them stand out?

Well, that is my Valentine's visual for you today.  Hope you get spoiled today by your loved ones.  My daughter will be making us dinner and is hanging up old fashioned decorations that she has made out of paper.  Fun!

Just a reminder!  If you are decorating for a party or just because; remember to "hook it up" with CraZy TACKz....the tack with a hook!

Happy Crafting!

Design Consultant
for CraZy TACKz

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