Monday, July 6, 2015

Crafting on Vacation? The only way to fly!

How do you like to spend vacation?  When you get a little down-time from all of the vacation activities, do you still like to keep busy with something fun?  I sure do!  I never leave home without a bag full of papers, scissors, adhesives and the like!  I prefer to work on small projects that don't take up a lot of space.  I like the challenge of seeing what I can come up with; not needing a lot of anything!

The project I am featuring is one of a bunch of mini albums I have made.  I cut out the papers before leaving home, and threw in papers with matching chipboard die-cuts, ribbons, paper clips and a few other embellishments.  I will also take along a paper punch or two if I can give it a lot of use with my papers.

Here is a shot of the mini-album from the inside.  I put in some little pockets, various paper punches, die-cuts and made some cute flower paper clips.  For the flowers shown here; I cut various sized pieces from paper scraps.  I will cut one in a spiral, then roll it up into a flower. Finish by applying glue to the little circle left at the base of the spiral.  This will hold the flower in place.  I then glued the flower to a scalloped circle of cardstock.

I glued punched out tabs to the top of several pages.  Small ring binders hold the album together.  I embellished the ring binders with some ribbon and a key charm.

I have a special place in my studio that I like to hang my colorful and various themed mini-albums.  I decorated a wooden shelf and used some  handy "tacks with a hook" called CraZy TACKz to hang the albums on.  It is a favorite of mine as each little album has a different theme and different colors.  I couldn't find a very clear photo of the display shelf, but the photo below will give you an idea.

There is an arrow pointing out a similar album to the one I am showing here today.  Sometimes I will give one away and then replace it.  The pages are little pockets in most of the mini albums shown here.  It is fun to fill them with little mementos and photos that have a special meaning for the recipient.  My vacation journal will have some special memories crafted into it's pages.

I hope you got a little vacation  inspiration here today.  Click on the blue Designer Craft Connections button to go forward or backward on our blog hop today.  Our theme has been Crafting on Vacation.  If you are like me, you won't leave home without a few supplies for when inspiration strikes!

Take time to enjoy the small blessings along the way and
Live Life with a Flourish!


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  1. I can't bear to leave home without some little crafty thing to work on! I usually have a little canvas bag that I fill with some papers and the basics (it used to be sewing that I would take, but now it's paper crafts!). Your little albums are so darling and love the way you display them. My latest thing is making little origami boxes that don't have to be taped or glued.. I just some 6x6 pads of paper, small scissors and my bone folder! Of course, don't know what in the heck to do with the boxes!