Monday, April 6, 2015

Handmade Flowers are the theme of the day!

I love handmade flowers!  Back in the early 1980's, I made my own flowers to embellish everything.  The ribbon roses were my handmade flower of choice back then.  Eventually I discovered the pre-made flowers and decided the handmade were one step I could eliminate in the design process!

As paper gained in popularity, I found that I loved using the beautiful memory papers for creating 3-D projects.  There are cartridges for our electronic cutting machines and dies for embossing machines that provide  cut-outs for creating gorgeous paper flowers of all kinds.  The flowers pictured below are cut out with a themed cartridge on my Cricut machine.  I then use a quilling tool to shape the flower.  That part of the process makes for great lap tray activity while watching TV.

Paper punches in different sizes are also great for creating paper flowers!  The sample shown below are paper flowers that are punched out, layers and shaded with chalk inks.  I used these flowers to embellish some CraZy TACKz. These were added to a Smoothfoam project to add a useful feature.  Keys, jewelry, etc. can be hung on the hooks of the CraZy TACKz.

Paper flowers were added to a multi-media frame in the project shown below.  Paper is organic and I find it works so well with almost all surfaces you can craft on!

The fairy ornaments pictured below are some that I designed for a vendor store I have a booth in.  My main niche in the shop is paper crafted projects.  This project probably has more paper flowers on it than any I have created in the past to the present!  The base is a Smoothfoam ball that provided a great display surface to hold my little fairies.  I have used the same shspe for similar various other projects.

This wraps up my "Flowers on Parade" post for today.  I hope you go away feeling inspired to make some pretty flowers!  I love Spring!  Everything is fresh and green and the flowers are popping out everywhere providing us with tons of eye candy and inspiration!  I hope you take time to enjoy the little blessings along the way, and.....

Live Life with a Flourish!


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  1. Just LOVE all of these! What Cricut Cartridge do you think has the best cuts and shapes for making flowers? Are the flowers on the smoothfoam ball, some you cut out with the Cricut, then put little handmade rolled flowers in the middle? Those are so cute. I am SO ADDICTED to paper flowers! I'm always searching for new ways to make them.

  2. Beautiful work! Just love the fairies!