Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Celebrate Earth Day with this Summer DIY Up-cycle Project!

Today I am sharing how to make a Summer Serving Set for the patio, etc.

We all want to be good stewards of what we have and save our earth, right?  With the help of Walnut Hollow and Kunin felt products, I will show you how to turn some glass jars from the recycle bin, into a cute, patio serving set for summer entertaining!

FUN FACT #1:  Did you know that Kunin Group Felt and Walnut Hollow are eco-friendly companies?  Check out the facts here:

You will need:

*Walnut Hollow:  Rustic Tray, Square #40687; Rustic Shutter #40678
*Kunin Printzfelt:  2 sheets of floral print in pinks, yellow, orange and yellow
*Misc. recycled jars and a milk jug jar
*scraps of cardstock papers in pink, yellow, green, purple and gold
*electronic die cut machine and die with letters (these were cut at 1-1/2" and 1-3/4" tall)
*Optional:  Stencil the letters using paint or purchase alphabet stickers
*roll of jute twine (3 ply)
*several buttons in matching colors
*Chalk paints:  (I used Americana Decor Chalky Finish)  rustic (brown);primitive (lt. gray); remembrance (lt. purple); smitten (peach); new life (leaf green); delicate (lt. yellow); Sealer
*  Paint brushes:  1" flat; 1/2" angle
*sand paper, cloth
*water bucket (for painting), paper towels

Allow the first coat of paint to dry thoroughly.

I used sauerkraut jar for the utensil container.  I painted the second coat green and let it dry; then painted coordinating colors on the squares of a pattern that was part of the jar.  The variation of colors can be painted on with the 1/2" angle brush even if there isn't a pattern in the glass to follow.  Experiment with different jars that might have embossed designs on them.

The straw holder is a jam jar.  I painted a coat of the peach color over the brown base coat.  Let it dry completely. 

The vintage milk bottle was given a coat of the yellow.  Let it dry completely.  Use the sandpaper to very lightly sand away a little of the top coat to let some of the brown show through.  If you don't care about a rustic look, skip this step.

Apply a coat of sealer.

Embellish the jars:
Cut strips of eco-fi felt to fit around each jar and adhere, overlapping the ends.  Refer to instructions given below for the tray to make the jute embellishments for the jars.
Adhere jute around the top lip of each jar.  Cover up all of the grooves with the jute, finish with a shoestring bow.

Tray:  Apply a coat of lt. purple to the outside of the tray only, leaving the top edges and the inside brown.
Let dry; apply sealer.

Felt:  Cut felt strips to go around the bottom half of the tray as shown.  If it has to be pieces, try to place the seam where it won't show.  Apply a bead of adhesive above the felt strip.  Wind a couple strands of jute (or more) around the middle of the tray.

Embellishment:  Jute Medallion:  Apply a 2" circle of adhesive to a piece (scrap) of the felt.  Bend 1/2" of the end of the twine in two, (this is the middle), spiral (wrap) the twine around the middle between thumbs and forefingers until it forms a 2" circle.  Adhere the medallion to the piece of felt, pressing it into the felt.  Cut out leaving a 1/8" border of felt.  Adhere the medallion to the front of the tray as shown in the photo given.  Glue a button to the middle of the jute medallion.  *Note:  Make the medallions slightly smaller for the jars, gauging by the size of the jar.

Rustic Shutter:  Lightly sand any rough edges.  The wood is porous, so it will still feel grainy.
Paint lt. gray.  Allow to dry thoroughly.  Seal.
Adhere (or stencil) words on the slats using coordinating colors.  I applied some light brown chalk ink to the edges of the paper letters before adhering them to the slats.
Finish by applying a little chalk ink to the edges of the shutters for desired effect.

I chose to sponge a little of the chalk ink on each piece of the set to make them all look a little more weathered.  This is an optional step.

Spring has sprung and Summer is coming soon!  Hope you have enjoyed the concepts for this DYI patio service and will create some fun while helping in your little piece of the world.

Take time to enjoy the little blessings in life and
Life Life with a Flourish!


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  1. Love your project, the jars are so cute. I have several jars I now know what to do with them.
    thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Thank you, Roseanna! Those jars certainly give me pause when I am getting ready to put them in the recycle bin!

  2. This is very pretty, the jars are certainly upcycled!

    1. Thank you, Debra! Just think how many of these beauties we part with! Lol. I hope to decorate a few more out of the re-cycle. I love the look of chalk paint on the jars.

  3. I love your table display! Very cute.

    1. Thank you! I hope to get some use out of it this summer! :-)

  4. love the jars.. i have so much of that chalk paint and I have the tray.. very very colorful.. love it all!

    1. Thank you, Miss Miko! The chalk paint looks great over the glass. I applied some gesso first to help it grip better. The price is right on the jars! Lol.