Sunday, February 1, 2015

I Love this Technique! 3-D Paper Engineering!

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Today I decided to display some photos from one of my favorite crafting techniques.  3-D paper piecing.  I have always loved making dolls, whether it is from cloth, wood, paper, etc. I usually design to fit into a catagory upon a request from a manufacturer; then I also design for myself and my Etsy Shop.  The following are dolls that I form out of shapes cut mostly on my Cricut machine and I enjoy the challenge of coming up with new looks for each season.  This is the month of love, so I am starting with my newest; the Valentine Angel shown below.

This girl pictured below is designed using seasonal papers and embellishments from Close To My Heart.

Close-up view

More Close to My Heart papers.  I love using black and white and giving it a pop of color.
In fact, I believe this particular angel would match the header on my Blog!

More color variations.....

Close-up view below...

The paper angel below was a fun challenge.  It is a 9" high Steampunk angel.  I have had requests for
an ornament size and have made and sold many 6" tall angels.  Each style I make I offer in 9" or 6".

A closer view.....

The Steampunk Angel below is a different version of the Steampunk angel.  I have had special requests for ornaments that are not pictured here.  I love the challenge of coming up with better detail.

The angel below was inspired by some bright papers I had.  I just like to play with colors and themes.  She has a market basket on her arm.  Making minis is also fun for me.

A closer view....

The angel below is the first one that I made.  I started with a 9" angel and ended up with a smaller version in the 6" ornament size.  She has been popular on Etsy and I plan on making her fancy with feathers and sparkles in the future.  When I get  We all know how that "time" thing goes..., right?

The little witches shown below are some of the holiday requests I get.  These shown are all the same colors, but I have made quite a few in the traditional colors of orange, black, white and purple.

The last few are Holiday designs.  The most popular are the 6" ornament/decor size.

I added the little box below because this is an example I ran across of the little detailed paper designs I love to make.  Must remind me of making doll houses when I was a kid.

Hopefully you were inspired a little by what I have shown today.  These designs are truly Close To My Heart as I get lost in creating them and feel joy each time I finish a new one.  

I hope you are having a good Winter in spite of the snowy weather in so many places across the country.  The snow days are some of the very best for getting to cozy in and get creative.

Take time to enjoy the small blessings and
Life Life with a Flourish,


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