Thursday, January 15, 2015

The little lemon that just "couldn't"!

The last night of CHA I met with a couple of designer pals that have been working the industry for years.  We always have fun when we are together and there are always a lot of laughs.  Before we parted ways, Jean Keivlan gave us each a huge, lovely lemon from her sister's place in Phoenix and presented it with a "craft challenge".  We each took our lemon, packed it in our suitcase and brought it home with us.  Mine has traveled all the way to Oregon and as you will see, he got quite a scare!

Poor little lemon!  He shouldn't have worried.  He is stems and skin above the others of his kind!

I don't think he felt too bad until he started looking around at his surroundings....

I could never cut a lemon with a face on it!  He is a lovely lemon and I am going to keep him until he gets old and shrivels up.  Did you know that lemons actually grow hair when they get old?  Yes, the growth pattern is very random and each one is different.  Unfortunately, at this stage they are totally beyond making lemonade so they usually will go into the compost pile and help something else to grow.

Thanks Jean for the fun lemon challenge.  I am waiting now to see what Julie and Madeline have done with their little house guests.  And Jean, I think you should do one too!  

Take time to make some lemonade & Happy Crafting!

Life Life with a Flourish,


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